Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Knit In Progress: Grace

KIP - Grace - Yarn
Last week I told you about the hardcore case of Starteritis that I seemed to have contracted at the beginning of the month, and now here I am showing you one of the projects that's currently on my needles.  But let me put it on the record that I had started this project looong before my Starteritis had kicked in.  To be exact, I had started this project at Knit City.

A quick summary of how this project came to be: last month Jane Richmond revealed days before Knit City that she will be pre-releasing her first ever book, ISLAND, at Knit City.  Her book is a beautiful collection of 5 designs inspired by the equally beautiful island that we both live on.  The second I saw the Grace cardigan I knew that I just had to knit it.  Pronto!  So I made up a game plan: days before Knit City I'll knit a swatch using some of the SGY BFL that I already have in the stash (I'll be knitting socks with it and won't need the full skein, so I can spare enough for a swatch!) so that I know what size needles to bring with me, as soon as the doors to Knit City open I'll bee-line it to Jane's booth, score a book, hightail it to the SweetGeorgia Yarns booth and snatch up 3 skeins of BFL sock that I need for the cardigan, and then eventually make my way to the Fraser Valley Knitting Guild table where they are offering yarn winding services (for a donation).  If I had a moment at the event where I was able to sit and knit for a bit, I would cast on the cardigan.  If not, I would cast on during the ferry ride back to Victoria.

Well, the game plan went accordingly.  Except that when I got home I frogged what I had and cast on using a different colour and yarn, thinking I would like it better in that colour.  After knitting an inch, would frog that and go back to the original colour and yarn that I had specifically purchased for the project.  Yeah, I did that a handful of times.  Totally making more work for myself.  Then I got sick.  Regardless of the fact that I was high on cold meds and wasn't thinking straight, I decided to knit on.  Definitely not a smart idea.  Grace and I were on the brink of breaking off our BFF status.  I was making mistakes left and right.  My stitch counts weren't matching up with the ones given in the pattern, my lace kept coming out funny looking.  Grace was falling.  Being the completely stubborn knitter that I am, I had used all 3 skeins of yarn separately to cast on the cardigan, just so I can figure out where I had messed up.  Don't believe me?  Check out my Instagram photo here that shows all 3 attempts.  I knew my cold was making me not right in the head and I refused to email Jane until I knew for sure that something was up.  But after seeing my Facebook status of how Grace and I were nearing frenemy territory, Jane grew concerned enough to email me (I'm SO sorry for causing you such stress Jane!!).  Luckily, I figured out where I kept messing up.

KIP - Grace - Needles

I don't know how I kept doing it, but in the exact same spot I kept forgetting to do a simple yarn over, thus screwing up the lace and my stitch counts.  On the first attempt I had even forgotten an increase.  At this very moment, as I type, I'm rolling my eyes and shaking my head at myself.  Note to self: stick to plain stockinette when sick!  But isn't it an awesome feeling when you figure out your knitting mistakes?  It can be so exhilarating!

I meant business on that last attempt though.  I printed out the pattern, wrote down every single row, highlighted every single increase, I was determined.  And it worked!  Now that the lace section is over, I'm on Easy Street with the miles of stockinette for the rest of the body and sleeves.  I'll admit that I'm a bit irked at myself for having to frog and start this project so many times, cause if I hadn't had to do all that I could be finished the cardigan by now!  Oh well.

KIP - Grace

I've been distracted with shiny things my other projects that I've cast on, but if I stay focused long enough I think I can get this cardigan finished before the month is over.  Sleeve knitting can slow me down, especially when it comes to top down garments.  I normally knit bottom up and can avoid sleeve boredom by knitting them first, unlike top down where the sleeves are usually knit last.  I just need to stop procrastinating and knit them.

Speaking of which, I have a few moments now while the Munchkin is lying down (no preschool for him this week - he has an eye infection and eye drops have to be applied regularly...which means his "eyes are funny" for a few minutes).  So I'm going to take this chance to knit a round or 2 on one of my sleeves.  

Ok sleeves...I command that you knit yourselves up!

Hey, I can dream, can't I?


  1. i love the colour!!! that sweater is going to be so stunning! gah. i want to knit it now... more than ever! xo

    1. Thanks Rebecca! :) I can't wait to finish it so that I can wear it this holiday season!


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