Sunday, September 9, 2012

Project 365 :: Week 27

Day 183 - September 2, 2012
Day 183 :: September 2, 2012
Taken with my iPhone
Lady Liberty

Day 184 - September 3, 2012
Day 184 :: September 3, 2012
What do you mean you only sell flowers??

Day 185 - September 4, 2012
Day 185 :: September 4, 2012
In the jungles of Basil...

Day 186 - September 5, 2012
Day 186 :: September 5, 2012
Taken with my iPhone
Paper, rock, sword!

Day 187 - September 6, 2012
Day 187 :: September 6, 2012
Dancing Queen...feel the beat from the tambourine...

Day 188 - September 7, 2012
Day 188 :: September 7, 2012
Catch me if you can!

Day 189 - September 8, 2012
Day 189 :: September 8, 2012
Hey boys!  Come and get me!

As you can probably guess by now this week had a theme going on -- Legos!!  The Munchkin has been thoroughly into Legos these past few weeks and I've been noticing that I've started to get giddy whenever we get our hands on a Lego Minifigure packet too.  I've been (im)patiently waiting for series 8 to arrive in stores and got overly excited when we spotted a freshly opened and totally untouched box of them at Toys R Us!  Brett's convinced that I was more excited than the Munchkin was about finally getting our hands on some of these little gems.  Um...ok, maybe I was.  So it seemed only natural to make this week all about Legos.  

This series of photos definitely had some challenges.  Because Legos are made of shiny plastic they had the tendency to really reflect light and shadows, and have so much texture to them that the camera would sometimes have a hard time focusing on the spot that you wanted to focus on.  I really had to play with lighting, had to move from one spot to another in the house, and had to fiddle with the Lego pieces and figures to accomodate all the above factors in order to get the photo I wanted.  Considering that I like to take photos a bit up-close (and maybe personal?), who knew that mini Lego quasi dioramas would be a challenge to photograph?


  1. His collection is growing fast!!
    Good to know the new series is out, my boys will be thrilled;)
    Your lego pic's are awesome Melissa, it is hard to master lego lighting!

    1. The collection is growing faster than anticipated! I think this has more to do with the fact that I get more excited about getting them than the kiddo! ;)

  2. i'm kind of jealous about this collection! seriously! that's awesome! xo


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