Friday, September 14, 2012

Can't Blog...


I've seriously been going hardcore on the knitting front since early last week. I've also been trying my hand at being a monogamous knitter (gasp!) in hopes that I can get projects done faster and off the needles. So far, I think this monogamous business has been doing me extremely well, and surprisingly I'm not at all bored of knitting on the same project. The test knit I've been working on is almost done (yay!) and I'm just itching to cast on for my Knit City cardigan. Soon, I keep telling myself...soon I'll be able too. As in, maybe the end of the week soon (double yay!).

But it hasn't been all knitting all the time around here. I've also been playing hostess since last weekend. First, Brett's brother made the trip to the island for Beer Fest, then a friend of Brett's decided to make Victoria their final stop on their way home from vacation and made a quick detour to our place for brekkie with his wife (whom I've become friends with but never met in person) and their sweet little baby . Then my friend Liisa (of Socks-A-Plenty and who travelled all the way from Finland) arrived earlier in the week for a "2 week Pacific Northwest tour". To top it all off my cousin and her little one will be arriving this weekend for a wedding and a quick visit. Phew! Talk about a busy social calendar this week or what? But hey, my house has been the tidiest it has been since we moved in and it has stayed tidy all week. Sweet! I've thoroughly been enjoying such a clean kitchen free of the massive amounts of dirty dishes it usually collects over the course of the day, I can finally see my desk (which means all my knitting projects and various skeins of yarns have been hidden put away), and even the ironing board has been put away along with the heaps of fabric and templates (much to Brett's delight!). And this is a huge deal as the ironing board had basically become a main fixture in the kitchen since the beginng of the new year!

As if all the knitting and socializing wasn't enough to keep me busy (hence the lack of posts this week!), Brett left yesterday for a business trip so I'll be flying solo in the parenting department for a few days. So I apologize in advance if it's quiet around here for another few days, but I'll definitely be back on Sunday to post this week's Project 365 photos!

Until then, I'm going to spend the rest of the week knitting like the wind!

♥ Happy Knitting! ♥

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