Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Knit In Progress: Domestic Badass Pair of Socks

Domestic Badass Socks
I know what you're thinking...you're thinking what in the world am I doing casting on another pair of socks when I have 3 pairs still on the needles.  Yeah...I have no answer for that.  I'm a fickle, fickle knitter.  What can I say?  Actually, to tell you the truth I needed something small and mindless to tote around with me during errands and trips to the playground and those 3 pairs already on the go?  Well, one of them is at a stage that requires me to think and I really don't feel like thinking right now, another pair is just downright stalled, and the third pair...well...I really have no idea where the project bag containing that pair went.  Sad, right?  Yeah, you definitely know you have way too many WIPs when one goes missing and you're not at all concerned.

Another reason for casting on a pair of plain vanilla socks: I finally grew the balls to wind up and actually knit with my delicious skein of custom dyed Everything Old Signature Sock Self-Striping yarn.  To say that I'm completely and totally in love with this yarn and colourway is definitely quite the understatement.  Smitten?  Not even close.  Unnatural obsession is more like it.  When I undid the skein to wind it up I just had to take a million pictures...it's just so, so pretty.  And I think it just screams "Melissa".  No?

I'll admit that I'm taking my sweet time knitting these socks up just because I'm enjoying knitting with the yarn so much.  It'll be a sad day when these socks are finished and I can no longer get giddy when a new stripe colour appears on my needles.  I'm a nerd.  I know!  I'm not really following a specific pattern for these, I'm just doing what I like to do for socks.  Like knitting them toe up so that I can use every last inch of the yarn.  I'm really hoping to get knee-highs out of these, but we'll see.  I was careful with winding the yarn so that I could get a matching pair of perfectly stripes socks.  So far it's working out the way I want and with no yarn wasted.  Bonus!

Domestic Badass Socks Collage

I did start out knitting these with the idea of doing a short-row heel but have decided to switch to an afterthought heel instead after conversing with my friend Andi at our last knit night.  She suggested the afterthought heel to help avoid any weird unwanted striping that could possibly take away the beauty of the self-striping yarn.  Andi herself is quite the prolific sock knitter (she's doing the Yarn Harlot's self-imposed sock club and churns out pairs of socks like nobody's business) and has used the afterthought heel on a few pairs of socks with great success.  I've only knit an afterthought heel once, and that was with my very first pair of socks that I have ever knitted.

Even though I'm holding back a bit on whipping these socks up (I started them a little over 2 weeks ago), I think I've knit a fair amount on them, considering that I was working on 2 other projects at the same time.  Although, since the weather has warmed up a lot around here (YAY!!  Summer is finally here!) the knitting has slowed down a little.  Just a little though.  Not that it matters too much as I highly doubt I'll be wearing these bad boys any time soon.  I'm not one of those knitters that stops knitting during the summer months...oh no...not me.  Slow down, yes.  Completely stopping, heck no!  Cheese and crackers!!  That's crazy talk!

Ok, with that said, I'm gonna go knit now...while it's still cool in the house and before the Munchkin gets antsy and we have to head outside.

Happy knitting!  ♥


  1. those socks are gonna be SO awesome! i haven't knit with any of everything old's yarns yet.. and it's soo totally on my to buy list. in fact, i'll be stalking her booth at fibrations, for sure!
    love the socks! xo

    1. I can't wait for them to be finished! I'm so excited!

      I normally stalk Em's shops and her blog...she'll also be at Knit City!! :)

  2. That colorway is fabulous, I can see why you love it!


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