Friday, July 20, 2012

Just Waiting...

Sock Progress
Wow, it's Friday already?!  Did the week fly by or what?  I honestly didn't accomplish anything this week.  Nada.  Although, you probably wouldn't think so considering that I just showed you 2 FOs this week.  I have another 2 FOs to show you too, but it'll have to wait...I need to find the cable to my camera so that I can upload the photos onto my computer.  I should really organize all these cables and cords that's under the desk...

Anyhoo, I did do some knitting on my Badass pair of socks but take a look at the photo above.  That's where I'm at.  See that trail of yarn on my shin?  Yeah, that's what's left of my yarn for that sock.  Sad face.  I won't be getting knee high socks on this skein alone.  The "glass is half full" side of this is that my legs aren't so short that one skein of sock yarn will suffice for a pair of knee highs.  Cool beans.  But get this, I went and scoured the city for a skein of black sock yarn.  Nothing special, just straight up black.  It could be semi-solid, no bigs.  As long as there was no other colour thrown into the mix.  And you know what?  No where in the city was there a skein of black sock yarn to be had.  I kid you not.  I guess no one ever wants to knit black socks...or with black yarn in general.  There's charcoal and dark greys, but no black.  Lucky for me, my awesome friend (and dyer of Domestic Badass) Em of Everything Old has come to my rescue and has dyed up a skein of semi-solid black yarn for me.  I can't wait for knit night tonight to get it from her, now I can finish my socks!  

Aside from the socks, I really haven't been knitting as much as I would like to this week.  I've just been too mentally exhausted this week to do more than stockinette.  LIfe with a toddler can do that to you sometimes.  I've been kinda working on a long forgotten WIP, and by kinda I mean I've been trying to find the paper pattern that had all my notes on it and where I was in the knitting.  A major downside of having one too many WIPs on the go is that you spend just as much time trying to sort out where you're at in the pattern!  I've also been working on a secret knitting project that I hope to share with you soon...ish.  Hint: fall is coming, and with fall comes the cool(er) weather and gift giving holidays and occasions!

I'm hoping to get a lot of knitting accomplished this weekend (I need to free up some of these cables and needles!), especially during the major cleanup that I will be doing on the computers.  My poor iMac has been über sluggish lately.  I couldn't remember the last time I cleaned out the vents (most likely, never) and when I checked them out a few days ago I discovered that an inch of compact dust was jammed into the vent!  No wonder my poor Mac was making so much noise and heating up a storm, it couldn't breath properly!  And then last night I got a dialog box saying that I didn't have any storage room left.  Really?  How could we have filled up 500GB already?  Oh yeah...cause there's over 200GB worth of photos and another 200GB of movies on the computer!  Yikes!!  Time to clean out the hard drive and back some stuff up!  While I'm at it I might as well clean up the laptop too.  No wonder the external hard drive was collecting dust, I wasn't using it!  I have a feeling this is going to take a few nights...

Oh well, more knitting time, right?

Happy weekend knitting!  ♥


  1. I really need to get on backing my computer up as well... gotta keep all those precious photos of my little guy!

    1. Nat, those are the most important photos to protect!! Looking at my photos I've noticed that everything before 2010 is sparse...and then BOOM! October 2010 and on there's a million photos! :)


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