Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July Obsessions

January Obsessions
Can you believe it?  We are halfway through the summer.  Where in the world did July go??  Is it just me or did this month fly by in a complete and total blur?  In my mind it's still the beginning of summer!  Yikes!  Gotta get with the program!  I don't know what it is or how to even describe it, but I've been feeling a bit...meh...when it comes to knitting and any other crafty goodness for that matter.  I honestly haven't accomplished anything all month.  I think I've just been too tired to really be motivated or to feel any urgency in trying to complete anything.  All month I've been knitting and knitting with not much to show for all the work.  Some people say it's just the time of year and how summer doesn't really mesh well with knitters.  A few people think I've got possible knitting burnout.  I did, after all, finish a string of large projects.  But I don't think that's it, since I really do crave and relish the opportunities to knit for large amounts of time.  And even though I've been making lists galore of all the things I want to do, of all the things that need to get done and stuff, I still feel somewhat scatterbrained and like I'm trying to do too much all at once with the inability to concentrate on one task at a time. 

So what have I been doing all month?  Good question.  I don't even know myself.  Aside from researching and checking out preschools and daycares that can accomodate a child with special needs, I've been spending more time being outside than I have knitting.  I wish I could say I've been knitting the entire time whilst being outside, but sadly, no.  Maybe more knitting action will happen next month?  But for July, here are the 5 things I've been obsessed with all month long:

1. Cables

Hooray Cardigan - Cables

Just like in June, all July I've been craving cables.  The craving has been in full force even more so after reviewing Carol Feller's Celtic Cables class on Craftsy.  I haven't cast on anything just yet, I just can't seem to make up my mind as to what I should knit first.  Don't you just hate that?  So many projects, so little time!  At the moment I'm debating between Tanis Fiber Arts creator Tanis Lavallée's I Heart Aran pullover and Carol Feller's 100th pattern, Ravi cardigan.  What do you think?

2. Domestic Badass 

A Domestic Foot

I'm going to have to confess that I've stopped working on my Domestic Badass Pair of Socks for a little bit solely because I just don't want the knitting to end!  I just love this yarn by Everything Old so, so much! But can you blame me? Just look at that striping action! I have one sock almost finished and rest assured that I will not have even an inch of yarn leftover. You bet I'm going to try to use up every last centimeter of this yummy yarn!

3. Ball Mason Jars

Are you really surprised at all to see this one on the obsession list?  I started collecting jars a few years ago but it's only been recently that the collection has really started to grow.  The collection consists mainly of a lot of Atlas Mason jars (we make a lot of pasta dishes around here) but I've been lusting after Ball Mason jars.  What's the big deal you ask?  Well, even though the typical canning jars you see on the shelves are produced under the same manufacturer, I prefer the Ball jars over the Bernardin jars.  I haven't even seen the Kerr jars anywhere in Victoria.  All 3 brands are made under umbrella company Jarden, with Ball being sold mainly in the US, with Bernardin being the Canadian equivalent, and Kerr just floating between the 2.  I prefer the Ball over the Bernardin simply due to the fact that the Ball jars have the cup and ounce measurements etched into all their jars.  Ball is also the only company of the 3 that has the pint and half size.  I LOVE this size.  It is THE perfect size.  Not only is it nice and tall without being too chunky to hold, the wide mouth opening makes scrubbing out the jar a snap.  Sadly, this brand is rarely sold in Canada (just the Elite collection can be found), let alone this perfect size.  I have 2 of these jars, which is enough to satisfy me...for now.

4. Cuppow

Image via MisoCraftyKnits on Instagram

The Cuppow really goes hand in hand with the above mason jars.  I simply cannot get enough of my Cuppows and I use them on a regular basis.  I still think they are the best invention ever!  I just wish that the wide mouth version had a bigger spout that allows you to use a straw like the regular version does. 

5. Homemade Naturally Flavoured Water

I've mentioned it before but when I'm not downing strong black coffee or straight up Americanos, I'm chugging back ice cold water.  This summer though I've kicked it up a flavour notch by adding some sliced fruits before chilling (in mason jars, of course!).  Lemon slices are always a favourite stand by, but lately I've been loving orange slices, strawberry with mint, and kiwi!  I've given cucumber slices a try but have to say that I'm not a huge fan.  My sweet tooth prefers the fruit flavoured waters more.  I have a feeling this obsession isn't going to go away any time soon either!


  1. That cuppow thing is a cool idea. I have never seen mason jars in Australia but they are very cute. There are so many possibilities with them I can see why they are one of your obsessions this month.

    1. Really? You don't have mason jars in Australia?? Wow, I always thought they were a universal thing. I think the Cuppow is pure brilliance! :)

  2. ok so i'll keep the flavored water in mind. i have a TON of mint... and that strawberry and mint water sounds devine! as for the knitting front. ... i wish i were doing a bit more selfish knitting :) but the market knitting will pay off.. right? xo... also i have to figure out how to get my cuppow from you. xo

    1. You MUST try it Rebecca! It's absolutely delicious! And adding lemon or orange slices to your water is a great way to get more Vitamin C in your diet! :)

  3. I definitely vote the I Heart Aran pullover! Those are some awfully yummy cables. And given what I've seen in your taste in yarn, you'll pick something to really make it pop!

    1. Thanks Emily! :) I think I will be going with the I Heart Aran since I already have the yarn for that and I still can't make up my mind about colour, let alone with yarn base for the Ravi. Then again, no one said I can't cast on for both! ;)

  4. I've been completely obsessed with stripey socks ever since you started your Domestic Badass Pair of Socks ... it's all your fault! ;)

    1. Hahaha...sorry! :p

      But stay tuned...I've got something up my sleeve that involves a skein of Domestic Badass! ;)


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