Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fresh Off The Needles: Secret Rae

Secret Rae
Back in April I had posted about my first Rae scarf.  I was on quite the high from knitting it and had a hard time taking it off sometimes (I even wore it around the house).  I was so happy with how my Rae turned out that I had casually asked on the Miso Crafty Knits Facebook page if anyone wanted a Rae of their own.  Either no one took me seriously or thought it was just a random question that only one person responded.  My friend Marmen of the wonderful etsy shop, French Attic Finds, jumped up and said she definitely wanted one of her own.  I got all sneaky, sneaky on her and managed to score her address without her knowing.  Then I stalked her personal Facebook profile, checked out her blog, and after my stealth sleuthing I made the decision that she just might like a Rae made in SweetGeorgia Yarns Cashluxe Fine.  I mean, who can say no to incredibly soft merino and cashmere??  Judging from her photos, I thought Marmen would look amazing in red.  Any red really, but I was thinking the Oxblood colourway.  Then I spent a weekend knitting my butt off, blocked the bad boy with every single window in the house open, hoping it'll make the scarf dry faster (it did), and then I shipped it off (giggling with glee the entire time...I'm such a nerd).

Literally, months went by and I didn't hear a peep from Marmen.  Did she get it?  Is the poor Rae lost in postal limbo?  Or did she get it, hated it, and proceeded to pretend she didn't get it and thereby didn't say a single word to me about it?  How long does it take for a small package to get to France anyways?  I waited a few more days and finally I couldn't take it any longer.  I left Marmen a Facebook message and confessed what I did.  She was nice about it and told me that the French postal system severely lacked in actually delivering anything.  

But then, get this, the I get a message from Marmen.  The Rae had finally arrived and was safe and sound in her hands.  The very next day!  Yup.  What crap luck.  If I had only managed to keep my mouth shut for just one more day, the Secret Rae would've been an actual secret.  Cheese and crackers man!

Secret Rae - Heart

Anyhoo, Marmen loves her new Rae and had confessed that she was planning on tracking down the pattern closer to Christmas so that she could get her Mother-in-Law to knit it for her!  Now she doesn't have to!  I'm so happy that she got a Rae of her own and that I was the one that got to knit it for her!  Yay for surprises!  And would you believe, this is the very first project I've knit that wasn't selfish?  Yeah, as in the very first project I've knit that I've given away that wasn't a birthday or Christmas present, and wasn't commissioned out of me (the baby hats for the PERIOD of Purple Crying doesn't count...I still consider that selfish knitting because I was selfishly happy that I could help out for a good know what I mean!).  

Secret Rae - Fabric 2

Just like the Rae I made for myself, this one was just as addictive to knit.  Pure potato chip knitting, as I like to call it.  And it's made even better when you're working with yummy MCN yarn.  Some of you might even recognize the colour.  It's Oxblood.  The same colour (and yarn) that I used for my Georgia cardigan.  It's such a lovely colour, don't you think?

Secret Rae - Folds

I definitely want to knit a few more Raes for Christmas presents but I'm a bit torn since there are also a few other patterns that I would love to make that would also suit the recipients.  Maybe I should start a "gifting box" and just knit a bunch of things and add to it throughout the year, that way I will never be surprised when a birthday, birth of a baby, heck, even Christmas or any other special occasion rolls around.  This would definitely cut down the stress levels!

Le sigh.  So many awesome yarns, so little time!  ♥

Secret Rae 2

Rae Details:
Pattern: Rae by Jane Richmond
Yarn: SweetGeorgia Yarns Cashluxe Fine
Colour: Oxblood
Needles: Signature Needle Arts circular in 3.75mm (US 5)
Ravelry Link: MisoCraftyKnits Secret Rae


  1. Most girls like surprises. Especially hand made ones.

    1. 'Tis very true! But I usually ask myself, "will the hand made item be taken care of?". I usually worry that something I've made will get felted or ruined. :/

  2. i will hand wash it and lay it flat to dry, though to be frank, it is so soft and beautiful i just like rubbing it all over my face <3<3<3<3

  3. What a lovely gift! I think I need to start following you on Facebook ;-)

    1. Thanks! And you should follow Miso Crafty Knits on Facebook! ;)

  4. that color is. to. die. for. secret or non-secret, that's a completely ass-kicking present!

  5. It's sooo beautiful! Oxblood is so gorgeous and you've done such a great job photographing it. What a sneaky gift giver! You are SOOO generous :)

    1. Aww, thanks Jane! It's just so much fun being a sneaky gift giver! ;)

  6. The random's are the best. Totally unexpected. Who doesn't love getting packages in the mail? Well, good packages anyway....gorgeous!


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