Friday, July 13, 2012

But No Cigar

I wish I could say "TGIF!", but I can't.  Cause today is my Thursday.  So, so close to the weekend for me, but not quite.  Le sigh.  This week has been yet another tough week with the Munchkin.  His tantrums are of epic proportions and the weird phases that he goes through in the course of a's insanely exhausting!  So exhausting that I've been falling asleep by 10pm!  Don't get me wrong, there have been some really sweet moments, but sadly they are less and so very far between.

I was really hoping to be able to show you an FO but when I uploaded the photos from my camera I realized that they were all crap.  All 50+ of them.  This is where I sigh heavily and hang my head a little lower than it already is.  This is also where I shake my fist in the air and proclaim to no one in particular that Brett can't take a decent photo to save his life.  How can you take more than 50 photos and have them all come out blurry??  How, I ask!  But there you have it.  Note to self:  make sure to feed Brett before making him take photos and constantly ask him (re: before every shot) if he's focusing by pressing the camera button halfway down before taking the final shot.  I know he'll take offense to this, but he knows that he's always in his own little world and that he "wasn't thinking".  But then I wonder, what significant other can take a decent FO photo??  I'm just going to sigh...again.

We have absolutely nothing planned for the weekend other than to do a major overhaul on the house.  A lot of household chores have fallen to the wayside these past few weeks and now there's a scary pile of laundry as tall as the Munchkin that needs to be folded, an entire sink full of mugs and Mason jars that need to be washed, something smells funky in the kitchen, and I can't remember the last time I vacuumed.  Which is weird, cause I love vacuuming.  Did I also mention that the kitchen floor seems rather...sticky?  

Fingers crossed that in between the washing and the scrubbing I'll be able to find the remote to my camera so that I can take some photos of the FOs that I've got lined up.  I'm also hoping to squeeze in some decent knitting time since the past few days I've only been able to knit for a little bit in the morning, and that's when the Munchkin is busy harassing Dad right before he needs to leave for work.  But to tell you the truth, what will most likely happen:: an all-weekend cleaning spree dotted with intermittent moments where I can be found in the kitchen staring at the wall that's behind the the coffee machine...

I promise I won't be spending the whole weekend taking and posting a ton of photos of my coffee maker on Instagram (I'm MisoCraftyKnits in case you want to find out if I am posting photos of the coffee maker...or if you just want to follow me.  Don't have an iPhone or iPad?  You can follow me via Webstagram or INK361 or Pinstagram!!).  

I hope you all have a fabulous and craft-tastic weekend.  ♥

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