Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Knit In Progress: Folded Riptide

I know what you're going to think after I tell you what I'm currently working on.  You're going to think to yourself, "wow...this girl is effin' boring.  She's knitting another Veera Välimäki pattern in...oh look, surprise surprise...in SweetGeorgia's Tough Love Sock".  Yeah well, whatevs.  So what if this is the fifth Veera design I've knit this year?  So what if the last 3 FOs were knit in SGY?  I know what I like and I just happen to like Veera Välimäki patterns and SweetGeorgia Yarns, so why not put them together?  No biggie.  Don't hate.

I had cast on for the Folded pullover at the end of May because I needed something mindless to knit while I was travelling to and from Vancouver for the Dyeing to Get Some Colour workshop.  At that time my Buckwheat pullover was at the stage where I was knitting the shaping at the shoulders for the front and I was knitting the yarn from the first pullover.  All of which meant that the project was just too bulky for me to carry around.  Especially when I'm lugging a pretty big backpack, a shoulder bag, and a tote bag full of yarn.  A small-ish project that only needed one ball of yarn was a must.  All current sock WIPs weren't mindless (and if truth be told, I can't find the one sock WIP that is mindless.  You know you have too many projects on the needles when...) and I had nothing else small on the needles.  So what's a knitter to do in this situation?  You betcha!  You start a new project.

Folded had been in the top 5 of my queue forever and was moved to the top of the list when I saw Jacqueline from my knitting group knitting with SGY Tough Love Sock in Riptide.  I love that colourway!  And I could totally envision it knit up as a Folded pullover.  So there you have it.  How my Folded came to be.  Now, can I confess something?  I didn't knit a gauge swatch.  Shhh....!!!  I know, I know...some of you just went "tsk, tsk, tsk".  But you know what?  The last few projects that I had knit a proper swatch for didn't turn out as planned, and the projects that have - I didn't swatch for.  So I decided to go back to using my gut knitterly instincts and see what happens.  I'll put it out there that I take full responsibility if this pullover comes out a complete disaster because I didn't swatch.  But so far it's knitting up just fine.  Although...now I probably just jinxed myself cause I said that out loud.  

So what did my knitterly instincts tell me to do?  It told me to use my previous experiences with both Tough Love and Veera patterns.  Like since this is one of Veera's earlier patterns and because of the size I ended up knitting for Buckwheat, that I should go down a size than I normally knit (I'm starting to think that Veera's earlier patterns fit a little on the bigger side).  And that based on the needle sizes I used for Buckwheat and what the gauge was for that pattern, to go up a needle size.  To make sure that I was getting gauge without sacrificing a lot of knitting time, I started knitting the sleeves first.  Knitterly instincts, don't let me down!!  But you know what?  I had made gauge!  Woot woot!  

Phew!  So far the pullover looks good in the size department and I'm actually quite surprised as to how fast it's knitting up.  Mind you, I've taken this project to Vancouver twice, which means a lot of ferry knitting time.  I've also knit through 3 movies (Lord of War - so good, even though Nicholas Cage is in it; Kick-Ass - freakin' hilarious; and 21 Jump Street - so unexpectedly funny...and Channing Tatum is very easy on the eyes!), and have spent numerous hours at the playground...all whilst knitting away on this pullover.  This is knitting up so fast that I think I just might get it off the needles before the month is over.

Fingers crossed that it fits!


  1. I saw the name Channing Tatum and thought maybe you'd seen Magic Mike... sooo want to see that movie! Oh, don't hate, appreciate: Veera and SGY are a match made in heaven :)

    1. Hahaha....I love you Nat! ♥

      I agree, SGY and Veera ARE a match made in heaven!!! :)

  2. You should totally join our knit along at Urban Yarns, and come on over for the final little party/knit night in September.

    Just Saying! :)


    1. Hi Ashley! I definitely want to knit another Folded! I saw that the KAL was going on but wasn't sure how to officially enter. I don't know if I can come to the final party though, as I think the knitting retreat I'm suppose to attend is around that time!


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