Thursday, June 14, 2012

Keeping It Old School

NES USB Controller
About a month or so ago, a friend of mine had posted on Facebook his nifty and new portable USB drive that he had crafted himself.  A portable USB drive?  Ok...what's so great about that?  Well, just the fact that it was made out of an old school Nintendo game controller, that's what!!  

At first glance you would've thought it was just an old, maybe useless controller.  Nothing special.  Heck, you might even reminisce about the days when you had played the original Super Mario Bros game that came with Duck Hunt.  Remember Duck Hunt??  I sure do!  Man, what I would give to be able to play those games again (without having to pay a fortune for a working console, that is).  

Anyhoo, my friend assured me that turning my own boring looking flash drive into a too cool for school game controller version was not only super easy peasy, but would also take less than 10 minutes to make.  Doubtful, I remember forcing Brett to look at my friend's creation and exclaiming "I want that".  Then promptly forgot all about it.

So that was over a month ago.  Fast forward to last weekend when Brett asked me what I wanted for my birthday.  Seriously, nothing came to mind.  I told him I really don't want anything!  Unless it was a vacation.  But other than that, I honestly don't want anything.  Brett knows that I'm not a fan of knick-knacks, that I don't want anything that would just end up as clutter in the house, and that as much as I want more I didn't need to obtain any more yarn.  I'd be über happy with a steak dinner.  And a creme brûlée.  Seriously.  Then a few days ago he kept hinting that he already had my present, that it was in the house, that it had taken him weeks to put together, and that he was dying to give it to me.  In my pre-Munchkin days I would've been itching to get my hands on that present and wouldn't have been able to sleep until I found out what he had gotten me.  I don't know what it is about having kids, but over the past few years I've become more excited about giving presents than receiving them.  Weird, huh?  So, Brett being Brett and unable to contain his excitement, he decided to give me my birthday present a few days early.  I really was clueless about what he had gotten me,  and why it would take weeks to put together.  So imagine my surprise when I pulled this gem out of the bag:

NES USB Controller 2

You betcha.  Brett had made me my very own original NES game controller USB drive!!  And you just know that I had squee'd with sheer delight!  I'm still gobsmacked that Brett had even remembered this (after all, I had talked about it for a mere 10 minutes one day weeks and weeks ago), and that he went through all that trouble to make it for me.  He thought, out of the whole shebang, that the controller would be the hardest thing to find.  He had scoured a few thrift stores with no success before venturing into a pawn shop where he was finally able to breath a sigh of relief.  He had a controller!  Next up, the USB flash drive.  Check!  USB extension cord?  Uh-oh...Houston, we have a problem.  Brett went to every single computer and electronics shop in the greater Victoria area and found that the shortest cord he could get was 6 feet long.  Wanting my controller to be as user friendly as possible, he knew that size was way too long.  So he did something I thought he would never do.  He ordered it off the internet!  That might be nothing to some people, but I know that's a HUGE step for Brett to make.

Now, he could've give me the controller as is, but he decided to go one step further:

NES USB Controller Collage

See that red circle in the photo above?  When I plug in my USB the display icon that shows up on the computer is of the NES controller!!  How utterly cool and thoughtful is that?  Yes, yes...again, this might be no big deal for some people but for me it's sheer amazeballs.  I hate trying to find things on the desktop (maybe I should just clean it up?  Nah...too easy!), and when I'm in a hurry or distracted I have a habit of either ejecting the wrong thing or just ripping the cord out (bad!!).  Now there's no excuse!  Thank you Brett!!  I heart you and this present so very much!!

This controller is only 8GB (it'll hold all my Miso Crafty Knits stuff so that I can edit and whatnot on both the desktop and laptop without having to constantly Bluetooth everything), but I plan on making a 32GB version using a Super Nintendo controller that Brett had bought as a back up.  You can never have enough digital storage!  Especially when you've stopped purchasing hard copies of knitting magazines!  

Want to make your own über cool NES USB flash drive controller?  Brett made a video tutorial while he was making mine.  I think this type of thing can get addictive to make!

Ok, now that I've shared my nifty new birthday present with you (I was really excited about it, can't you tell??) I'm going to go celebrate my birthday now for reals.  I see nothing but cupcakes, coffee, and hopefully some knitting on the agenda for today.

Hope everyone has a fabulously wonderful day!  ♥


  1. dude!! i want one too!! sheer amazeballs indeed! hee hee, check this one out too:,guys/style,shirt

    what an awesome guy you have.. i'm gonna hunt me a canadian when i get there.. bring him back home in a marriage sack a la borat. just three more months dude!

    and happy birthday too! sending lots & lots of virtual hugs and cupcakes your way!

    1. Hahaha...I LOVE that link! Oh Duck Hunt, why must you be so awesome??

      I think you might have some problems with the luggage of the marriage sack on your way back home to Finland...but it will definitely be entertaining! ;)

      And I thought I saw some virtual cupcakes fall out of the computer! ;)

  2. holy crap. that is THE coolest. and now i want one too. xo

    1. Isn't it?? From the looks of Brett's video, it's super easy to can definitely have one too! :)

  3. THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Bday!!!


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