Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It's a Rush

I'm so incredibly excited right now.  Although, I should note that it doesn't take much to excite me lately.  I blame it on having a boring life.  But back to the excitement...why am I so excited?  Well, not only did I finally get some buttons for two projects that have been sitting in my knitting basket waiting for their bloggy debut, but last night I had bound off the last stitch of my Buckwheat pullover and guess what?  It fits!  I didn't think I would get it off the needles so soon cause I'll admit that I was starting to lose steam after having to re-start the whole project.  But here I am smiling away and riding along the high that comes with binding off a project, and there's my pullover folded neatly on the corner of my desk...patiently awaiting to be blocked.  Which I vow to do sometime later today.  

Ahhh...how I love this feeling of accomplishment!  I'm thinking I'll enjoy it for a little while longer before I have to remind myself that I still need to sew buttons onto the pullover and onto those 2 projects.  And before my eyes wonder over at the stack of project bags full of WIPs...

Why ruin the moment?


  1. Woo hoo! I can't wait to see what it looks like. I love the feeling of a completed project.

  2. wahoooo!!!! as you said, yippee for FO's but even better, FO's that FIT! congrats honey! that's awesome! AND you found buttons. yes, this calls for a celebration! i'm doing a happy dance for you :) post pics soon, ok?

    1. Thanks Rebecca! :)

      I definitely scored a three-fer with this project! As soon as this project dries I'll try to take some photos...I promise! ;)


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