Friday, May 25, 2012


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Ok, I seriously can't say or read that word without thinking about the movie Clueless, and the scene in which Cher is doing a makeover on Ty and tells her that she needs to work on her "accent and vocabulary" by using a new word every day.

Josh: Be seeing you.
Ty: Yeah...I hope not sporadically!

Anyhoo, just popping onto the blog to give a little warning that my posts might be quite sporadic for the next few weeks.  This time of year is always majorly hectic for us and every weekend there's something to celebrate.  I like to call it "the sandwich within a sandwich chain of alternating Melissa and Brett days".  Sounds crazy, right?  Well it always starts out with the designated parental day sandwich, first up: Mother's Day.  Then the week after that it's the birthday sandwich.  This time it's Brett's turn turn to be celebrated as he enjoys his birthday.  A week after that it's the "meat" of the whole thing - our anniversary.  To close the birthday sandwich we wait a few weeks and it's my birthday.  To end the madness we close this sandwich with Father's Day.  Phew!  All these important events within a 6 week span.  I told you it was crazy!

If that wasn't enough I've also got a few quick trips to Vancouver thrown into the mix.  One of these trips will be tomorrow!  I'll be participating in a dyeing workshop called Dyeing to Get Some Colour that will be taught by Felicia of SweetGeorgia Yarns!  I'm so incredibly excited!  It's going to be so much fun!  I was hoping to get my hair did this weekend too, but I don't think that's going to happen.  So a separate trip over is in order, cause really, my hair is getting so ridiculously long that's it's not even funny any more.  It's the longest it's even been in my entire life and it's getting everywhere!

So please forgive me for sporadically posting.  I promise that when it's all over my goal will be to post way more often and trust when I say that I have some goodies planned!  I just hope that I can squeeze it all in and get the ball rolling so that I can share with you all what's been incubating in the ol' noggin (note to self: time management will be key here!).  In the meantime I need to toss the stash again (I made sad attempts yesterday and the day before in hopes to do some stash control...yeah, no dice) and try to find some of the naked yarns that I know that I have.  I should also get my knitting sorted, cause you better believe that I'll be using every single second spent on travel to knit up a storm. I'm hoping to make some serious dents in a few projects...yes, I'm getting ahead of myself here.  I'll be gone 2 days and 1 night and I honestly think I can knit the bulk of 2 pullovers.  I can dream, can't I?  Which reminds me, I'll be late in posting up week 12 photos of Project 365 on Sunday as I'm not quite sure when I'll be arriving home that day.  But it will definitely be up by the end of Monday.

Ok, on that note I better jet and get stuff sorted and the Munchkin outside to enjoy the beautiful sunshine!  I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and to my American readers, have a wonderful Memorial Day long weekend!! ♥


  1. awww and now i want to watch that movie again! ahahaha. have a fabulous time at this workshop! i so wanted to go! say hi to jane for me!! :) can't wait to see what you have planned... of course, if you just want someone to come and help organize your yarn.. i can come ;) hahahah. no. really. . :)

    1. Hahaha...I'll put you on the list ;)

      Oh Clueless...even though it's so 90s, to me it's still a classic!

  2. annnd ps.. happymothersbirthanniversarybirthfathers-day to your family! what a party!

    1. Hahaha...double the laughter here! :) Thanks, so many celebrations in such a short amount of time!


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