Thursday, May 31, 2012

May Obsessions

Knitting in May
May was another busy bee of a month and it's kinda sad that I can't remember much of it.  Either I'm getting old or I didn't do anything spectacular enough for the memories to stick out.  Hmm...I'm going to say a little bit of both.  I also feel like I didn't accomplish squat this month too.  Even though Akoya is off the needles (and still needs buttons), Juicy Tart has finally been blocked (and still needs buttons), and I made a lovely set of handkerchiefs - which, by the way, kicks some freakin' ass and I'm SO beyond happy with them (and yay it doesn't require buttons!).  Maybe it's because I've been feeling pretty tired and 'meh' all month?  And with the summer months nipping at our butts, I'm going to say that the busy times are just going to get even busier!  I'm thinking I'm going to have to take a step back and re-organize myself and see if I can get myself onto some sort of schedule again.  Maybe then I won't feel so much like a chicken with my head chopped off.

While I'm off to ponder my life, here are 4 things I've been obsessing about all month long:
1. My Own Stash

My Stash Collage
Sounds weird, but it's true.  Whilst most are dreaming of new yarn, I'm sitting here thinking about stash yarn.  I've tossed the stash a few times this month in sad attempts at trying to get some sort of control over it, but in the process of doing so I've conjured up yarns that I had previously obsessed over and am re-obsessed with again.  This isn't a bad thing, no, not at all!  If anything this stash lovin' phase is just what I need to prevent me from purchasing more lovely yarns (that, and the lack of funds is another huge help!).  I just wish I could knit faster so that I could get to them all!  

Since someone will ask, the yarns are as follows:

Top l-r: Everything Old Signature Sock Self-Striping, Tanis Fiber Arts Green Label Aran Weight
Middle l-r: SweetGeorgia Yarns Tough Love Sock, Wollmeise Lace-garn
Bottom l-r: Madelinetosh Pashmina, The Sanguine Gryphon Bugga! (which is no longer in business, but Cephalopod Yarns carries both the base and the colour!)

2. Single Girl Melty Chocolate Cake

Single Choco Melty Cake
I seriously cannot.stop.baking these solo lava cakes!!  Really.  All.month.long.  I wish I was kidding, but I'm so not!  Just glad that these were the only things I was treating myself to all month, otherwise my waist would be in trouble!  I wish I could share the recipe but it's not mine to share and since it's from a newly released cook book and the recipe isn't even on her blog, it doesn't feel right to give out Joy the Baker's hard work for free.  So don't walk, don't even run, just sprint to the closest book store (or library) and nab yourself a copy of Joy's Joy the Baker Cook Book and bake yourself this oh so nummy treat!  Just make sure you use a good quality chocolate that you are willing to eat on its own (baking chocolate can be kinda meh and bitter...but if you like that kind of taste, then go for it!) and thoroughly grease your ramekin!  

3. Sweet Fiber Yarns

Sweet Fiber Collage
At the beginning of the month I had grand plans of knitting up a Veera Välimäki pattern using some Sweet Fiber Yarns Cashmerino Luxe in Ever Grey (bottom left corner in the above photo), but the yarn screamed at me that it wanted to be something completely different than what I had in mind.  Sadly, my stash is seriously lacking sweater quantities in Sweet Fiber and so I spent a good amount of time drooling over the online shop.  Not that it matters since the budget currently does not allow for any more yarn purchases.  Boo erns.  So I've been listening to the skeins that I do have in the stash and am trying to figure out what they want to be, cause I'm beyond itching to knit up some of these beautiful yarns!

I first discovered Sweet Fiber a few years ago when I spotted some of the most beautiful photos of yarny yumminess while looking around on Etsy.  Melissa, the force behind Sweet Fiber, dyes up the most beautiful assortment of greys I have ever seen.  Then the deeply saturated colours that have been popping up in her shop begged me to adopt them.  So I did.  I'm ashamed to admit that I have yet to knit any of these yarns for fear of not doing them justice.  I'm SO excited that Melissa will be a vendor at Knit City this fall, and can't wait for the chance to molest fondle check out some of her other bases and colours (I'm quite intrigued by Spanish Coin - a beautiful mustardy yellow, and I'm dying to get my hands on some Hippolyta, Seastorm, and Moonstone).  I guess I better start saving up my yarn fund now!

PS: Sweet Fiber also makes stitch markers that are pure awesome sauce.  I love them to bits.  They're snag-free, so smooth and lightweight, and most importantly they don't cause any weird gaps that I notice can happen with some of the thicker gauged stitch markers.

4. Camera Bags

All month I've been on a major look out for fashionable camera bags that can carry my camera, wallet, knitting, snacks, maybe my iPad, and handbag essentials (y'know, like several tubes of lipgloss and hand cream) all for a price that's within my budget.  There are several that I absolutely love but aren't wallet-friendly, and a few that I like but not quite sure of the size/colour or if it'll fit everything that I want to lug around with me.  My camera is currently housed in a separate, proper camera bag which I stuff into my handbag or if I'm out and about with the Munchkin, the daypack.  The whole shebang takes up half the bag space and is a pain in the ass to take out and put away the camera.  I really think this set-up is hindering my desire to take photos and so I think it's vital to remedy this situation.  Stat!  Question is, will I actually be able to make a decision on a bag before the summer is over??

So there you have it.  My obsessions this month.  Go figure that it's the three main things that make me function: knitting, chocolate, and photography!  Now if I can only squeeze in sewing in there somehow...


  1. LOVING these obsessions! thanks so much for sharing! I'm getting super excited for knit city too. i'd better start saving for a serious yarn spree. weeeee!!! you have such beautiful yarns. so glad that you're falling in love with them all over again! yippee! xo

    1. Thanks Rebecca! :) I know, I realized that I will probably have a hard time containing myself at Knit City, so in order to justify splurging I've pt myself on a yarn diet until then. I think if I save my pennies for then, it'll all be worth it!

  2. Yum!!! That cake looks delicious.

    1. It is!! I don't know how anyone could turn down warm gooey cake straight from the oven!


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