Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Knitty Love: Coastal Kids

Image via Coastal Knits

The ladies behind Coastal Knits, Alana Dakos and Hannah Fettig, have done it again!  The dynamic duo that has given us not only the gorgeous eye candy in book form that is the aforementioned Coastal Knits, but also the beautiful Cedar Leaf Shawlette and the oh so elegant and timeless Featherweight Cardigan (and Effortless, Wispy, and Breezy cardigans!).  Well now the ladies have just released a small collection of their 4 favourite sweaters from Coastal Knits in pint-sized form for your little ones!  And the best part?  You don't have to wait for a book to come out, they are all available as PDF downloads which you can purchase here or at your LYS.

These wee mini-me versions are just so darling, I really wish that I had a little girl of my own to knit these for!  Yet, even if Brett and I did decide to have another Munchkin, we both have a very strong feeling that it would be another boy.  But do you think these little factoids are going to prevent me from knitting up any of these sweet little designs?  Oh hells no!!  I have a handful of friends with little girls that I'm sure would be willing to take one of these knits off my hands.  Which is a yay for me as I'm itching to knit up this darling little number:

Image via Coastal Knits

My most favourite of the 4 designs, Little Oak.  I think out of the 4 that this design is the most versatile age-wise.  As in, I think it suits all the age sizes that this design is available in.  It would look so precious on a 6 month old, yet so dear on a 12 year old all at the same time.  Knit in either sport or DK weight yarn from the bottom up and seamlessly, I can see this cardigan working up pretty darn fast.  Oh my goodness, it's just so adorable that it makes me squee with delight!  My friend Andi has knit the adult size and it is an absolutely stunning design.  Whilst this is in my queue to knit for myself, I don't see it gracing my needles any time soon.  I think whipping up the kiddie version could tide me over until I can cast one on for myself!

Image via Coastal Knits

Then there's Wee Wildflower.  I have this design in my queue too...the adult version, that is.  I absolutely love how delicately feminine this design is, while still practical for a wee one.  But be forewarned, this pattern is knit in pieces and then sewn together. So while the knitting may be quick, the making up might take some time.  I know it would for me!  The one thing that I love about this design for little ones is the major wear it could possibly get out of one child: the growing into it and the potential to keep wearing it even after the kidlet has "outgrown" the size it was intended for.  What do I mean about that?  Well, the sleeves are suppose to be 3/4-length, your kidlet can start wearing the cardigan as a regular long-sleeved cardigan (yes, the length of the cardigan itself might be a little longer than anticipated) to start out, and then keep wearing it once the sleeves are no longer 3/4.  If paired with a dress a cropped cardigan could look really cute!  And yes, I'm fully aware that with normal cardigans one could just fold up the sleeves for the wee one to grow into, but what about when the sleeves get too short?  A-ha!  Got you there!

Image via Coastal Knits

Next up is the Mini Water's Edge (the pattern for this wee version was just released today!).  I really love how this design could be made up as super girlie or toned down and low-key by simple use of colour. I think the colour used in the sample above is "mature" enough for a 10 or 12 year old, and yet if knit in a bright pink or yellow would look utterly sweet for a 2 or 4 year old.  And the potential for embellishments...oh my!  Duplicate stitch daisies along the neckline, or a picot hem instead of the ribbing...I could go on and on!  My friend Kairee has knit this one up and it looks fabulous on her.  I wish I could say that this pattern is in my queue too but it isn't.  I'm just too short and tater-tot like to be able to pull off this design.  I think regardless of where I place the pleat I would still look...wrong.  I'm going to have to settle on admiring this design from afar, and you know what?  I'm ok with that.  One less pattern to add to my never-ending queue! 

And last, but definitely not least, the Tiny Rocky Coast.

Image via Coastal Knits

As much as I love, love, LOVE this design and can often be found drooling over the finished ones over on Ravelry, I have to admit that I really don't find this pattern to be a practical one for children.  It's definitely the most mature design out of the 4 in the collection and find it more suited for older kids.  While instructions for a ribbon closure are provided in the pattern, I just can't imagine a baby wearing this during the weeks and/or months of learning to crawl and walk.  And maybe it's because I was so active in my own childhood but I think the open front is impractical for playground fun and other general horsing around.  Then again, kids nowadays seem to be maturing much faster than they were in my day (that just made me feel really old), so I could be totally wrong on this one.  Nevertheless, it wouldn't be hard to add a few buttons and buttonholes to the front to make them stay put.  And if your kiddo isn't the overly active kind, the ribbon closure or even a matching knitted belt would make for a wonderful touch.

Ok, now that I've been staring at these photos for the past half hour, I think I'm going to go move the few that I have queued for myself further up the knit list...in the meantime, who else is going to be knitting up a few of these wee lovlies??  

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