Thursday, May 17, 2012

Knit In Progress: Buckwheat

KIP - Buckwheat
Akoya was barely even finished and already I had cast on something new.  Surprised?  Yeah, me neither.  But what does surprise me is the fact that once I got over the thrill of casting on a new project and had worked on it feverishly for a few days, I had actually remembered that I still had another project on the go that needed to be finished.  Luckily for me Akoya is such a joy to knit that dividing my attention between the two projects was easy.

So if Akoya is such a fun knit why did I cast on Buckwheat?  Two reasons: I needed a mindless stockinette project to tote around, and Amy from Threadpanda had twisted my rubber arm into joining her Veera Välimäki KAL on Ravelry (deets here).  I know, I know...after my little rant about how much I suck at keeping up with knit-alongs I go and join another??  Well like I said, extremely broad KALs is the only way I can go and since I was planning on knitting up a Veera pattern after Akoya, I thought why not now?  And while we're at it, why not turn Buckwheat into a two-fer by knitting it in some SweetGeorgia Yarns so that I can enter the pullover into the SGY KAL too?  Bam!  Done.

There you have it.  After being in my queue for what feels like forever and a day, I'm finally getting around to knitting up Buckwheat.  I'm using SweetGeorgia Yarns Tough Love Sock in Cypress that has been in the stash for a few years and had forgotten about until I tossed the stash a couple weeks ago.  I'm actually much further along than the photo above shows.  I've been schlepping this project around with me in my handbag and have been working on it whilst in the car, while the Munchkin is at play on the playground, and even during a quick break on the side of a country road when I went on my Mother's Day bike ride.  Straight up stockinette in the round makes for some awesome travel knitting.  So awesome that I'm done knitting the body and have already divided the front and back!  Sorry, no photos of the boring tube that is the body.

KIP - Buckwheat Closeup

I have no idea if I'll get this finished before the SGY KAL is over, but I'm going to darn well try.  Less than 2 weeks to knit up the top portion and 2 sleeves, AND block this bad boy out? Hmm...we'll see.

As long as I don't get sidetracked with the need to cast on something else and with knitting hexipuffs to curb that cast on urge!


  1. I'm the same. I've had buckwheat in my to do pile since January. I even have yarn for it. TFA purple label in shadow. It's coming up with the time to get it cast on.

    I love the colorway of your buckwheat so far. Can't wait to see FO pictures :-)

    1. I absolutely LOVE Shadow! I bought some in the Green (??) Label to make the I Heart Aran pullover.

      I think you should totally cast on Buckwheat! There's nothing like a nice simple stockinette project to add to the mix. Plus, I want to see it knit up in Shadow! ;)

  2. Hey Melissa, you've got until the end of June for your SGY KAL - just over five weeks! Plenty of time to finish up, procrastinate on blocking and weaving in ends, and get photos taken befor the deadline.

    1. Thanks for the heads up Jacqueline! :) I already sent you a Rav message about this, but thought I would say thanks again!


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