Thursday, May 3, 2012

Knit In Progress: Akoya

WIP - Akoya Yarn
A few weeks ago I realized something - I absolutely suck at knit alongs.  I really do.  My knitting ADD just doesn't really allow me to properly focus and be monogamous enough to knit on just one project for a fixed length of time.  In order for me to have any hopes of succeeding the knit along would have to be extremely broad and within a vast amount of time.  As in tell me what yarn company, designer, or even colour (but not all 3 at once...or even 2...that's just asking too much!) that I have to knit and give me a few months to finish it.  Now, I have participated in several KALs and the only one that I've ever been successful with is last year's SweetGeorgia Yarns Winter KAL.  What was the outcome of the other KALs?  Um, I've failed miserably.  At them all.

So knowing all this info about how me and KALs do not mesh, you'd think I would steer clear of them, right?  Wrong.  It's like I enjoy inflicting knitterly pain on myself by putting too much on my plate and thinking I can do supernatural feats like knitting and completing two cardigans, a pair of socks, and a shawl...all at the same time...within a month.  I think I could probably do it, that is, if I didn't have the obligations of having to parent a toddler, feed myself and my family, engage in proper personal hygiene, and tackle basic household chores.  Or maybe if I was the Yarn Harlot.  I mean, have you seen that woman knit??  Her hands are a complete and total blur!  I don't think even continental knitters have anything on her.  I've taught myself how to knit continental but not only do I knit slower, but my tension is completely whack. 

Anyhoo, back to knit alongs.  So I've joined and failed a few KALs already with the most recent one being the Delancey Cardigan KAL.  I really don't know what happened with that one.  I was dedicated, I was on time with the weekly goals, heck, I had even knitted ahead in hopes that I could work on other projects while the rest of the group got caught up.  The KAL's host, Allyson of The Sweatshop of Love, had even given us a break one week so that slower knitters could re-join us.  I think that break was my downfall.  Knitting ahead only got me into trouble and allowed for me to get distracted by shiny things.  Or should I say, shiny new things.  Before I knew it I was so far behind the pack that there was no way I was going to be able to catch up again.  And now I'm stuck at the sleeves.  Oh wait, I meant sleeve.  No "s".  Turning that into a plural would mean that I have at least one sleeve finished.  And I don't.  Far from it.  Any other knitter would have picked up that project and kept trucking on, cause you know, the end is so close.  Yeah, I'm not any other knitter.  What did I do instead?  I started (and finished!) another project and to drag out the procrastination even more I decided to hunker down with the never-ending shawl.  Of doom.  Well now that project is done too and where is Delancey at?  Still on the first sleeve.

Le sigh.

So what's a knitter to do in a case like this?  Join another KAL and cast on a new project, that's what!

I have some serious issues.

WIP - Akoya Cable

The SweetGeorgia Ravelry group is having another "- along".  As in a knit-, crochet-, and spin- along.  If you're a long time reader you would know that I love me some sweet, SweetGeorgia.  The rules: knit, crochet, or spin something that is SweetGeorgia.  I can do that.  Totes.  I'd be doing it anyways, with or without the K/C/S-AL happening.  And two months to finish a project?  Oh yeah!  Now how's that for broad?  

So what am I knitting for this KAL?  The Akoya cardigan by Carol Feller in SGY Tough Love Sock.  The photo above shows a bit of the trellis lace detail and one of the fun cable actions featured in the design.  This pattern has been such a joy to knit so far that I can tell it'll be a sad, sad time when the cardigan is finished.  Wow, I just sounded like a process knitter right there!  But it's true, the pattern is very well written and the stitch counts at the end of each section really helps in taking out the guess work as to whether or not if you're on the right track.  Especially when you've got x amount of increases and decreases, and lace happening.

This pattern is so nice to knit, that if I hadn't taken a week long break and then some (to knit hexipuffs!) I would've been finished already.  The body worked up lightning quick.  The trellis lace that runs along the center front really helps to break up the stockinette and before you know it you're taken by surprised that you're done the body within a week.  I always stall on sleeves (re: boooooring!  When will this snooze fest end?) but for some reason, this time around I had knit a sleeve within a few days!  What?  How did that happen?

I reckon that it'll take maybe another week to finish this bad boy, and who knows just how long until buttons are sewn on.  As much as I love buttons, I really dislike having to go find buttons for a project.  I'm way too indecisive and usually can't find what I'm looking for...which is made even harder when you don't even know what you're looking for!  All I know is what I'm finding isn't it.  Does that happen to anyone else?  Any suggestions of what kind/colour of buttons I should use to go with this colour?  Actually, now that I'm looking at the photo and of the cardigan in my lap, my camera didn't pick up the blue that's in the grey.  The photo shows an oatmeal-y, brownish grey when in real life the grey is a nice steel-y blue-grey.  Kinda makes it hard to ask for button advice under these conditions.  Hmmm...ok, I prefer not to think about buttons for now, for fear that I will never finish this cardigan in a sad attempt to avoid and procrastinate on having to find buttons!

Well, it's a rainy day and the Munchkin is preoccupied with his Legos.  I'm going to try to sneak in some knitting time before the Legos no longer captivates his attention and I'll be forced to come up with some rainy day activities!

♥ Happy knitting! ♥


  1. haah you're more than awesome! i too love to have many things on the needles ;) it keeps things interesting. that is a lovely cardi! and the colour? swoon. excited to see it's progress! xo

    1. Hahaha...thanks Rebecca! ;)

      I agree, having more things on the needles keeps it all interesting. Especially when they're all different kinds of knits. As much as I tried to be at one point, I don't think I'll ever become a monogamous knitter!

  2. I'm impressed at how much you DO accomplish! I just think about projects, but don't actually start them - let alone finish them ...

    For the buttons, what about something abalone? It would capture the grey & blue, it's a natural look, and fits with living on the coast!

    1. For the longest time there all I did was start projects, but now I'm learning to actually look at the pattern and if it involves too many pieces or a lot of making up in the end, then it'll never get finished at all! :P One day though, I will overcome my fear of seaming and will do a project that makes me do it. Some day...

      Oh, thanks for the idea of abalone. When I get the chance I'll have to see if my favourite button shop has anything in abalone! :)


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