Friday, May 18, 2012

Hello Long Weekend!

So...I've been staring at the computer screen for the past half hour.  Attempting to type out a blog post.  I have a list somewhere of all the topics and things I want to blog about, but today?  My mind is just blank.  And so I sit.  Staring.  And sipping away on my massive mug of coffee.  Wondering how much more time I have before the Munchkin snaps out of his Lego-induced trance and starts climbing all over me like the little love monkey that he is.  I'm gonna say I have another 10 minutes.  15 tops.  That is, if I "magically" produce the fireman Lego man that has gone missing the past few days (and that I found in one of my measuring cups earlier this morning).  All of which means that I have 15 minutes to write this blog post.

Instead, I sip coffee.  

To tell you the truth.  I am beat.  B-E-A-T.  Beat.  Mentally and physically.  I don't know where it has come from but lately the Munchkin has been having these extreme surges of energy and I just can't keep up half most of the time.  I know I'm getting old, but man!  It's exhausting just watching him, let alone trying to keep up with him.  I'm not kidding either, yesterday a bunch of ladies from a Mom group that was already at the park that we went to watched as my son went nuts as he ran around the entire perimeter of the playground 3 times, limbs flailing, mouth wide open, and making the funniest "ahhhh" noises before screeching to a halt in front of the slide and started maniacally jumping on what can only be described as an invisible trampoline.  Then he proceeded to run up the slide, come back down, and did the whole process over again.  Multiple times.  Not only did these Moms commented on my son's energy levels, but so did a few other random Moms.  In my defence, my son was the only boy on the playground and must've gotten fed up with the quiet, gentle, prim and proper play of all the little girls there. 

Almost every day this week I've been falling into bed before 10pm and I'm sound asleep before my head even hits the pillow.  For a while there I was trying to implement "quiet time" with the Munchkin, just so that we could both have the time to re-group, relax, and enjoy some peace.  Yeah, that worked for probably 3 weeks?  It was a good effort and wonderful while it lasted.  Now onto Plan B.  Only, there is no Plan B.  Sometimes, and only sometimes, I wish that he could just sit down and watch a little television, just so that I could get dinner made.  But alas, for the past few months the kiddo has shown absolutely no interest.  If anything, he'll walk over to the TV and will turn it off.  He doesn't even want it on as background noise.  I am SO not against this behaviour and really hope that this lasts a long time, would it be asking too much if he could go his whole youth without TV?  We haven't watched a movie in weeks either.  The other day I had put on a movie only to have my little teacup human turn the volume off.  Apparently his own story was much more fun and interesting than the actual plot.  Ok, he has imagination to boot.  Again, I don't mind.

Wow, I'm rambling.  See?  I'm just that tired.  SO glad that it's the long weekend.  Maybe I'll be able to get some rest?  I'm going to say no, since Brett's brother will be here (to celebrate Brett's birthday and cause you know, it's the long weekend), but there's always hope.  I really wish Brett was able to have the 4 days off that everyone else has.  Why can't he have a normal schedule?  Le sigh.  First world problems, I know.  Usually when we have guests I don't plan on getting much accomplished, other than having some good eats.  I do have high hopes that I'll be able to squeeze in some extra knitting time and possibly the chance at getting some buttons for Akoya.  Any other crafting opportunities will just be icing, but not expected.  Aside from Sunday's post for Project 365, I won't be posting again until at least Tuesday.  

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and if you're fortunate enough to have a long weekend, I hope that you have a fantastic one!  Let me know what you're up to!  See you in a few days!!  ♥


  1. How old is your little guy? I think developmentally there's a testosterone surge that happens, I'm just trying to remember at what age. If everything else is in the norm, I usually blame it on development!

    1. I usually blame everything on testosterone surges! And development. ;)

  2. Oh buddy. I would pass on some energy vibes if I even had any to pass on. I'm in the same boat. Exhausted with a capital 'E'!! At least you're not in the first trimester of pregnancy and have "that" tiredness on top of the regular "keep up with a toddler" tiredness as well as morning sickness, which btw whoever coined that phrase was on crack because it definitely is "all day kick me in the ass" sickness. That is the definition of exhaustion. Oh and I just worked a 12 hour shift. Oh and I'm rambling too because

    Bottom line: I feel your pain. At least you're knitting. I'm so tired that I'm not even knitting. I. Know. Crazy.

    1. Lynnette!! You beat me, hands down!! Never mind the toddler or the long work day....but pregnancy??? The morning sickness?? Ouch!! Yes, I'm the one bowing down to you!! I hope you had an awesome long weekend and got the chance to rest!!!!

      You know when you're not feeling up to par when you can't even knit!!! Now that's tired!! I can still at least knit. I hope you feel better soon and that the morning sickness doesn't last long!! ♥


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