Thursday, April 12, 2012

Knitterly Things:: Counting

Row Counters

So what do you use to keep track of your rows, repeats, increases and decreases...and well, your knitting in general?  How do you keep track of it all?  Are you a monogamous knitter and therefore don't really need to keep extensive notes?  Or are you anything like me and have way too many projects on the needles to the point where you close the door and slowly back away?

Do you use row counters and/or clickers like the ones above?

iPhone - StitchMinder

Or are you more technologically inclined and prefer to use your smartphone or tablet that's been loaded with a favourite knitting app?  I know quite a few ladies in my knitting group have gone down this route, and I must say, such apps are definitely handy and you can guarantee that you won't be losing this counter within your knitting bag...or sofa cushions!

Post its and Pens

Or are you old school and prefer to use good ol' pen and paper?  Or in my case, Post-Its.  Lots of them.  My knitting books, magazines, and patterns are covered with them.  Actually, the other day I came across the Webs blog that did a post about sticky notes and why every knitter should have some in their knitting bag (you can read that post here).  And by using this method I have an excuse to dive into my stash of Sharpies and other felt-tipped pens (office supplies know I'm not the only one!).

I've been trying to get more use out of my counters and clickers in hopes of using less paper products, but find that I get lost easily if I've been knitting away on a project intermittently with other ones.  I get even more lost if I haven't touched a project in a few days/weeks/months and pray that I at least had the decency to make life somewhat easier by jotting down good notes for myself about what I have done.  Sometimes I find the counters are a pain in the butt especially when I have to rip back a few rows. Maybe because my mind is always elsewhere when I'm trying to reset them?  Am I the only one that has such issues with these things?

Hmm...maybe that's why I like the pen and paper way with simple hash marks.  I can actually see what I've done and it's easy to scratch off a few ticks if needed.  Better yet, I can scribble little notes right there next to the hash marks, and if I ever make a mistake I have a better chance at finding out where I did it than if I were to use just a counter.

But there's got to be an easier way for all of this.  Don't you think?  Or is this already the easiest of them all?  Anyone have any tips and tricks that they'd like to share on how to keep track of your knitting?

I got to think about this.  Maybe I'll do that while I stare at a project that I haven't touched in a few months and try to figure out where in the world I left off...


  1. I am a multi-task knitter (actually I am a multi-tasker period) and typically have various projects going to keep up with my short attention span and need to multi-task everything. I recently started using the VOGUE Knitting app for my iPhone and really like it. It has a projects tab where you can easily keep track of your WIPs. It is not super fancy, but it does the job. I can add a picture of my project, and counters for repeats, rounds, rows, stitches, decreases and increases. I can also add needle size and notes about my project. I really like it because it keeps all of this information handy on my phone just where I need it. Sometimes I fail to keep a counter or post-it note with my project, and then I am struggling to figure out where I left off. This handy app allows me to go right to my project and see every possible counter imaginable and custom notes. Plus since it is on my phone, it is always handy making it easy to add notes. So far, I really love it!

    1. Thanks Leah, I'll go check that app out! I'm starting to think that an app is the way to go, that way I won't lose it (unless I wipe out my phone!) and it would always be with me.

      I'm with you on the short attention span thing. I tried to go monogamous for a few weeks but I got bored way too fast and started to hate my project!

  2. I think I remember the Yarn Harlot refer to an app for her iPad that allowed her to make notes right on her patterns... it sounded so handy.

    1. Now that you've mentioned it, I think I remember her talking about that too. I'm going to have to go back and see what it is that she uses. That would be SO helpful! Thanks Jane! :)

    2. If you love post-its - use the Post-It Super Sticky kind! They last twice as long on a pattern as the regular kind do. Especially when we have all of these fibres floating around, Post-its get harder to stick.

      They are worth it!

    3. I only have a few pads of the Super Sticky kind, and now that I'm looking at my paper patterns, I see that's the kind I've been using the most! I've learned that the cheapo kind from Michaels = poor sticking power :(

  3. I use GoodReader on my iPad to store all my digital patterns. You can add notes by typing or handwriting a note onto the document directly. It's a great way to add notes about modifications or to keep track of which row you are on when you are done knitting for the day.

    1. Ah! Thanks Maya! That's a name that I just couldn't think of when I was searching for apps! I think that's the one that the Yarn Harlot had mentioned too.

      Thanks! :)


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