Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It's All Good

Sun Fish Closeup
Howdy Friends!  How's it going?  How was your weekend?  Things were pretty awesome on my end.  Low-key, but awesome.  It all started Friday night when I went to knit night and Ursa (of The Pagan Knitter Podcast) had brought along two huge bins of yarn to give away.  It was madness!  Seriously.  The two bins were plopped down in the middle of a group of knitters.  The yarn didn't even stand a chance!  You can see Kairee's haul here (it's the day 27 photo).  I am extremely happy to report that I took home...nothing.  Yup.  Not a single skein.  I had every intention of scoring a few skeins earlier that day, but my mind changed when I opened my closet door and a few bags of yarn fell on me.  It took a lot of will power to not dig right in when the bins were opened, cause trust me, there was some really nice stuff!  But memories of flying yarn kept me at bay.

Saturday was a mellow beach combing in the morning then nothing for the rest of the day type of day.  It was so mellow that the Munchkin was content enough to sit on a boulder with a bucket full of rocks, lost in his own thoughts while I sat on a log and managed to knit a few rounds on a sock.  I think the Munchkin and I were resting up because on Sunday, Brett and I decided to spend family day going crab fishing!  We got up bright and early, packed up the traps, some lunch and snacks, bought the license and some bait, and headed over to Sidney for the afternoon.  Brett and I haven't gone crabbing together in ages and this was the first time for the Munchkin.  I was actually quite impressed with the Munchkin all day.  He had woken up extremely cranky, and normally we can tell what kind of day it will be by the mood he's in when he wakes up.  I think being on the beach and touching weird things (like sunflower starfishes) really brought him out of his funk.  He really enjoyed just being on the pier and checking out everyone else's catch.

Sidney Pier

Both Brett and I were a little worried that he wouldn't be into crabbing and the day would be filled with "no!".  So we were quite surprised that whenever we brought up a trap the Munchkin would want to put on gloves and help pull it up.  He also wanted to help take the crabs out of the traps and throw the traps back into the ocean.  He was just so keen on the entire experience.  I'll admit that Brett did all the work though.  I mainly kept an eye on the Munchkin, took a ton of photos, and at one point I even managed to cast on 200 stitches for a new project and attempted to knit - but then it got too cold and windy, so that idea was nixed.

Sidney Statue

You really can't blame me for at least trying to knit.  After all, 90% of crabbing consists of sitting there...waiting.  And drinking a lot of coffee.  I don't know how much knitting I thought I could accomplish, but I had brought along three projects to work on.  I made several attempts at working on my Delancey cardigan but would always end up ripping out whatever progress I had.  I am soooo behind on that KAL!


I had also brought along a sock but realized that I would need to keep trying it on to figure out my increases for the calf area.  A bit of a hassle, especially when you're wearing boots.  So that project was quickly put aside.  Luckily I had brought along some yarn to start up a new project that I'll be working on for the More SGY KAL.  I couldn't decide which project to start for this KAL but the idea to cast on for it while out crabbing was so last minutes that it made the decision for me as to which project to do first - I grabbed whatever SGY I had already caked!  I have a few projects planned for this KAL that I'm hoping to be able to tackle within the timeframe, so stay tuned for those!  

Sun Fish

We managed to leave Sidney with eight lovely crabs, half of which we shared with Brett's step sister.  The last few times that we went crabbing we had caught Dungeness crabs but this time around our haul was all Red Rock crab.  One of them was really feisty and didn't go out without a good fight!

Upside Down Crab

I'm so use to the softer shelled crabs that at dinner we had the hardest time cracking into the legs and both Brett and I ended up hurting ourselves.  Brett's hands got pretty cut up.  I managed to escape a lot of the cuts but my hands were pretty darn sore.  Those shells are so sharp!  Ouch!


Needless to say I woke up yesterday and discovered that my hands were so sore, especially on the insides of where my fingers bend, that I couldn't even knit!!  I tried for an hour yesterday to knit a simple 2x2 ribbing, but after two (painful) rows I decided to quit.  I guess I'll be taking a break from knitting for the next few days.  That's ok.  This will give my hands some much needed rest and a chance to work on some other crafty projects!

Here's to a crafty week!


  1. LOVE the seastar photos :)

    Have you ever tried sharp, sturdy kitchen scissors for shelling crab?
    I used to "crack" the shells on the legs using the side of a large chef knife, then cut the shell off with scissors when working with Dungeness and King crab legs . . .

    hope your hands feel better!

  2. Thanks Jenn! I'm actually quite surprised as to how well the camera picked up the colours of the seastar. I was right there and didn't even notice the purple hues on it until I saw the photos!

    We usually do the scissors trick with the crab, but this time around the Red Rock crabs just didn't want to be cracked that way. At one point we cleaned a wrench and managed to crack the legs that way! I'm thinking next time, if we catch these again, we'll have to invest in some nut crackers or something.


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