Friday, April 6, 2012

Hip Hip Hop

Happy Easter!!  I hope everyone has a wonderful bunny and chick filled Easter long weekend!  I'm planning on spending the next few days doing a lot of baking, egg dyeing, egg hunting, chocolate eating, and now that my hand is feeling back to normal, hopefully a lot of knitting too!  The original game plan was to head up island for some outdoor adventures but last week the Munchkin broke out into hives and has the worst rash on his hands and face.  The poor kidlet has suffered from eczema in previous spring and summer months but this time around it has taken a turn for the worse and doesn't look like anything resembling dry skin.  More like a flesh-eating disease (but it's not).  Since sun exposure appears to make his skin worse, we're having to limit his encounters with the bright star.  So sad.  
But that's ok!  We're keeping our chins up and hope to fill the weekend with a lot of fun anyways!

So I hope you all have a great weekend too.  I'll be posting week 5 of Project 365 on Sunday as per usual but probably won't post again until either Tuesday or Wednesday.  That'll give me enough time to come down from the Peeps-induced sugar high that I'll inevitably have and  will hopefully allow me to form some coherent sentences (I tend to talk über fast when I've had too much sugar or caffeine...very Six from Blossom like...if you know what I mean!).  Until then...

Happy Easter!!

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