Friday, April 20, 2012

Fresh Off The Needles: Nuvem

Nuvem 2
That's right kids.  I'm finally showing you all my finished Nuvem!  Isn't she a beaut?  This was actually blocked and ready to go about three weeks ago but it took me forever to get some decent photos.  But don't worry, I've been getting some wear from this behemoth of a shawl since the second it came off the blocking mats.  Heck, I even wore it to my Friday knitting group that night!  I was pleasantly surprised that this shawl took less than a day to dry, but now that I think about it (and as I'm looking at the shawl itself), the fabric is so light and airy that it would have been more surprising if it took longer than a day to dry.

There really isn't much more to say about this shawl that I haven't already.  It really was a mindless knit right down to the last stitch and there's nothing more that you can add to the endless knitting in the round.  I did torture myself towards the end by constantly weighing my yarn to see how much I had knit.  Yeah, note to self: putting that scale on the coffee table right in front of you as you knit will only encourage such torture!  I even figured it out that I would need approximately 6g per repeat.  Again, such behaviour only adds to the torment.  I finally couldn't take it any more and at the 64g range I started the ruffle edging.  Once I had bound off that last stitch (did I mention that the bind off took me almost two hours to complete??) I realized that I could have knit another two repeats to used up every last inch of yarn.  Normally I would shrug it off and add the leftovers to the "Beekeepers Quilt pile", but this time around I didn't even want to look at the yarn any more let alone knit with it again!  So I gave the leftovers to my friend Jennifer (besides, she's actually working away quite diligently on her blanket).  Shoo fly, don't bother me!

Nuvem - Shawl

I'm pretty darn happy with how this shawl turned out.  Oh man, if I wasn't I would be so beyond pissed and the shawl would most likely be in a million pieces...and scattered into the Pacific ocean.  I'm not kidding!  So, good thing I'm in love with this piece!  I've been using Nuvem for everything: as a shawl, a cape (don't ask), a lap blanket, a wrap, a scarf, and most recently - as a snood (a head cover).  I seriously think Nuvem would make for a fantastic travel piece too.  It could transform and act as so many different things.  I can see myself using Nuvem on the plane as a makeshift blanket (it is, after all, about five feet long!!), balling it up to use as a pillow...stuck in a ferry line up or held up on the Coquihalla for (usually) un-known reasons and the sun is too hot?  Use Nuvem to cover up that window!  Some of you just gasped at the idea of treating a hand knit in such a fashion, but you get my point.  Right?

Oh, and let's talk about the colour.  If I thought it was stunning in hank form, well knit up this colour is magnificent!  I knew Wollmeise was known for their vibrant and highly saturated colours, but the depth and intensity...Wowzas!  Insanely bonkers!  And to top it all off, there was absolutely no bleeding when I gave Nuvem a soak.  I was totally expecting it too.  For a yarn so saturated with pigment, I was expecting at least a tint of blue in the wash.  Nope.  Nothing.  If that didn't thoroughly impress me, then the fact that this yarn blocks like a dream did.  Fellow knitters have commented on how perfectly straight and uniform my stitches are.  Yeah, that's not all me.  I swear.  Blocking definitely had a hand in that.  I did tug at Nuvem a fair bit to try to smooth and shape it out nicely, but other than that the yarn did its own thing and is letting me take all the credit for it.

Nuvem - Scarf

I'll even admit that while it was blocking I checked in on it periodically like it was a newborn baby.  I was even giving it loving glances and appreciative pats.  And get this, I even considered knitting another.  For just a second though.  I blame the yarn fumes on that.  And the trance-inducing qualities that Nuvem has.

I really shouldn't bad-mouth the entire knitting process though.  While it really was black hole knitting, this project has served me well when it came down to needing a mindless knit.  It was absolutely perfect to work on as I watched movies, chatted on the phone with my Mom, and for those days where you are so exhausted you just want to sit there and stare at the wall.  Once you get into a rhythm with it, Nuvem definitely didn't require any thinking whatsoever.  It's a great social knit and depending on the yarn, would be perfect for beer knitting (Wollmeise Lace is technically considered a lace weight but I have some sock yarns that are thinner than this stuff!).  If I didn't already have several other long-term projects on the go (re: knits that will take me more than a year to complete), I would really think about knitting another.  Seriously.  

Nuvem - Open

But for now, a second would have to wait until I was either halfway through my queue (and that's ten pages long!) or finished one of those aforementioned long-term projects.  I could make it easier on myself and stop scrolling through the other finished Nuvems on Ravelry and concentrate on the projects at hand, rather than wondering how some knitters could knit this shawl in a few weeks.  Oi!

Ok, I need to stop this crazy talk about knitting a second.  I need to put away the hanks of Wollmeise Laces and back away... I was doing so well at keeping my focus on trying to get the several UFOs that's been plaguing my knitting basket completed without starting anything new.  But then spring happened and before you know it I want to cast on all the pretties!  So far I think I'm doing a really good job at resisting the temptations, even after getting this gorgeous skein in the post the other day.  Lately I feel like I've been knitting and knitting and knitting and not getting a single FO from all that work.  I think if I can reign in the "new project" urges that maybe, just maybe I can have something close to finished by the end of the month.  Here's to hoping!

Shawl Details:
Pattern: Nuvem by Martina Behm
Yarn: Wollmeise Lace-Garn
Colour: Versuchskaninchen (German for "guinea pig")
Needles: Knit Picks Harmony Wood and Nickel Plated Interchangeables, Signature Needle Arts, and DyakCraft Darn Pretty Wood Needles all in 3.5mm (US 4)
Ravelry Link: MisoCraftyKnits Nuvem 


  1. that thing is freakin' HUGE.

    great job though, love the way it looks!

    1. Thanks Liisa!! :) And where have you been lately, little lady?? ;)

      I know, it's like a baby...on the needles it looked big, but not anything like this!! Now I know what 1740 yards of lace looks knitted up!

  2. you're hilarious. and, I have major nuvem envy... just so you know, if you're looking for someone to bequeath it to in the event of your passing, pick me! pick me! perfect pairing of yarn and project if I do say so myself :)

    1. Hahaha...if something were to happen to me, you would definitely get first dibs Nat! But now I need to sleep with one eye open now, huh? ;)

  3. Melissa, your Nuvem is so pretty. In fact, I sit here and gaze at it, and I come back every day to have another look. Just. So. Pretty.

    Hope to see you Friday,

    1. Aww...thanks Susan! :) For something so simple, it really is quite elegant and the show stopper!

      See you Friday! :)


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