Tuesday, April 17, 2012

And There's Two!

Delancey Yarn Pile 2
Wow!  That was the fastest weekend ever!  Was it not?  I'm always surprised when the weekend is over and the normal weekday routine has to commence once again.  I think the weekend went by faster than usual simply because we didn't have our usual "Daddy time".  Brett went on a "man date" on Sunday after realizing that he never gets proper "me time" - which is true, he's either at work or taking the kidlet off my hands.  No solid Brett-time.  So I was more than happy to give him a chance to hang out with a new buddy and get in some non-work and family time.  Plus, he did catch that night's dinner by bringing home some delicious crab!  I'm happy to report that I, myself, took it über easy this past weekend anyways.  As in I didn't do any housekeeping (except for a load of laundry...mainly cause the Munchkin needed to wear pants...eventually), spent a ton of time at the beach with the Munchkin, worked on (and finished!!) a secret knitting project, painted, and most importantly - I had drastically reduced my internet/computer time over the weekend.  I can get pretty glued to the computer and can waste so much time on the internet that over the weekend I vowed that I can only do random check-ins with my phone and can only go on the computer when the Munchkin was in bed or playing with Dad.  Limiting my online time really bumped up my knitting productivity, I should definitely do this more often!

Now that the secret knitting is finished I can go back to knitting on Delancey.  I'm so far behind on this project for the KAL, but that's ok.  I'm not going to let it stress me out.  I'm now just more concerned with finishing it.

WIP - Delancey Sleeve 3

I was having issues with my sleeve.  It seemed that no matter how I picked up the stitches around the armhole it was looking less than satisfactory.  I think I've ripped out three attempts before settling on this one.  I'm not 100% happy with it but I'm hoping a good soak and blocking will smooth it all out.  You would think that I would fly through the knitting up of these sleeves since it's DK weight, but for some reason I'm totally procrastinating on them.  I think I've lost steam on this project after discovering that this cardigan will most likely not fit me the way I had hoped it would.  Now it's the task of just plugging along and getting 'er done.  I've gone too far to frog the whole thing and re-start (that, and I would seriously cry), and I'm not confident that blocking will help out with the fit.  I have just the sleeves, the collar, and the button bands to go.  But sleeves first...

Ugh.  And there's two to deal with!  If anyone is looking for me, I'll be in the corner swearing at sleeves.

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  1. ooOOOoo secret knitting! hrmmm i'm intrigued! also i LOVE your sweater... i want one. maybe i should knit one...


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