Sunday, March 4, 2012

Project 365

A few years ago whilst surfin' around the blogosphere I came across something called Project 365.  I was instantly curious and intrigued...and very much inspired.  Never heard of Project 365?  It's an über cool year-long photography/art project where you take and share one photo every day.  It's a great way to document a year of your life, improve your photography skills, and rev up your creativity.  And like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.  To me, it's also worth a thousand memories.  

I wanted to do this project.

But at the time my simple point and shoot camera was on the brink of dying and truthfully I had the mind of a sieve back then (aka "Mommy brain") and couldn't guarantee that I could remember to take photos on a regular basis, let alone daily.  So the project was put on hold but was always in the back of my mind.  I told myself that when I got around to buying a new camera that I would do my own Project 365.  I even made it one of my 101 goals.

Well, guess what?  I bought a new camera.  A fancy DSLR.  A year ago.  But notice anything?  That's right.  I didn't do Project 365.  At all.  Actually, it was only a few months ago that I even started to fiddle around with all the different settings on my camera.  Seriously.  Then a few days ago I stumbled upon some amazing photos on Facebook and discovered that one of my (very artistic) high school friends was doing her own version of the Project.  After some messaging back and forth and a lot of encouragement, I decided to just do it.  What am I waiting for?  What's holding me back?  Oh yeah, the fear of failing.  And sharing such personal creativity with the world and possibly being laughed at (I'll admit, I'm a bit weird).  But I'm going to conquer my fears and as of today I'll be starting my own Project 365 cause what better day to start than today, the one year anniversary of my camera purchase?

I've decided that I'm not going to post a daily photo here on the blog.  Instead I'm going to round up the week's worth of photos into one post every Sunday.  That way I won't feel stressed and pressured to have to do so much work for one photo for the blog, every single day.  I've started a flickr set for this project here, to keep all the photos in one place...and in case you want to check it out from time to time and want to read any extra notes that I may have about a photo.  I'm not going to say that they will be completely wordless posts, but be forewarned that these Sunday posts will contain very little text.  I'm going to let the photos speak for themselves.  So come back next Sunday to see my first week of photos!

I think this project is going to be so much fun!  I don't expect myself to take amazing photos like these or these right off the bat (or at all).  My goal for this project is to learn more about my camera, to become a better photographer, to see every day things in a different way (and hopefully with a more appreciative eye), and most importantly to be more creative.  After all, I can't have 365 photos of nothing but yarn!  Or can I?  I suspect that the first few weeks, if not months, will be full of craptastic, even shitarific photos (don't say I didn't warn you!).  Whilst I plan on mainly using my DSLR, I will admit that there will most likely be a few photos taken with my iPhone since the DSLR is a little big to lug around with me at all times.

Alright, let the shooting begin!


  1. hmm, don't eat my comment this time, blog! I've been wanting to do project 365 for a couple of years. I've also been putting it off for one reason or another for a couple of years. Maybe seeing your photos will inspire me!

    1. You should totally do it!! I just realized last night that I usually take a lot of photos throughout the week for the blog anyways, why not try to make it a daily effort? And with all the upgrades to today's smartphones, you always have a camera with your whether you remember it or not!

      I really do hope you give it a go! :)

    2. Well, I did create a set on my Flickr page now, and added one of the photos I took yesterday as my first, so we'll see how far we get! :)

    3. Yay!!! :D

      I love your photo of the green flats!

  2. 365 pics of just yarn would be alright with me. Just sayin'. Stick a kid in there every now and then and it would be perfect!!!!!!

    1. Hahaha...I like the way you think Lynnette!! I've actually had to refrain a few times from taking yarn photos. But I have a feeling that it'll sneak up on me and I won't be able to stop the urge!! :)


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