Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Photo An Hour

A Photo An Hour - 7am
7:00am :: Must...have...coffee...

A Photo An Hour - 8am
8:00 am :: Taking a moment to do my nails before "my boys" wake up

A Photo An Hour - 9am
9:00 am :: Play time with the Munchkin

A Photo An Hour - 10am
10:00 am :: Sneaking in a few stitches

A Photo An Hour - 11am
11:00 am :: Attempting to blog (and failing due to the demands of a three foot tall dictator!)

A Photo An Hour - 12pm
12:00 pm :: Five minutes of "me time" spent reading

A Photo An Hour - 1pm
1:00 pm :: A late brunch...aka any excuse to eat more bacon!

A Photo An Hour - 2pm
2:00 pm :: Stop! Lego time!

A Photo An Hour - 3pm
3:00 pm :: Listening to some tunes in bed while the Munchkin has "quiet time"

A Photo An Hour - 4pm
4:00 pm :: Puddle jumpin' in the rain before picking up Brett

A Photo An Hour - 5pm
5:00 pm :: There's always time for Timmies...especially during Rrroll Up The Rim time!

A Photo An Hour - 6pm
6:00 pm :: Waiting for dinner 

A Photo An Hour - 7pm
7:00 pm :: One of Brett's specialty dishes...salmon!

A Photo An Hour - 8pm
8:00 pm :: Some after dinner tea and poetry in the form of my mug

A Photo An Hour - 9pm
9:00 pm :: Taking a breather and enjoying a beer with Brett

A Photo An Hour - 10pm
10:00 pm :: Hoping for a brighter (and drier) day tomorrow

A Photo An Hour - 11pm
11:00 pm :: A well oiled machine

A Photo An Hour - 12am
12:00 am :: Squeezing in some quick sewing time

Aside from Project 365, I've always wanted to do A Photo An Hour - which is exactly that, you take a photo (or a ton and pick just one) for the hour, every hour, and you do this for the whole day.  Since deciding that I was finally going to do Project 365, I thought I might as well warm up the camera and my creativity by taking taking on this little side project for the entire day of Sunday.  

The first few photos (and the knitting one) were taken by iPhone (note to self: if you are going to continue on with this photography mission, make sure the battery for the camera is always charged!) but I made sure to keep the camera close by after that!  It was definitely quite challenging to find new objects and angles to photograph and as the day wore on and the lighting got worse I definitely had to work a little harder to make the photos work. 

I absolutely loved doing this project and it made me see just how I really do spend my day...and how little crafting I actually do with the Munchkin around.  I suspect that there will be even less crafting happening today as it's a gorgeous day out and the plan is take the Munchkin out of the house and on an adventure.  Oh, and the dishes are in dire need of washing.  Times like these I really, really, really wish I had a dishwasher!

Ok, my blogging time is almost up so here's some housekeeping:

- I was interviewed by The Pagan Knitter!  The podcast is up and ready to be heard.  So check out podcast 14 here.  There's a project bag AND a skein of yarn up for grabs!!  Thank you Ursa for such a lovely interview!

- I know I've been promising a shop update forever now.  Trust me, I'm working on it!  Please bare with me, my sewing time is incredibly limited but I do have a few bags ready to go.  I'm just being extremely slow at listing them!  I think the process of taking photos, processing said photos, and preparing the listing is more time consuming than the actual creation of the bags!

- my friend Michelle had let me know that there were a few broken links on my Friends page.  Oops!  Sorry to anyone who's blog didn't have a proper link!  It wasn't intentional and hope there's no sour feelings!  It's all good now (let me know if otherwise!)

-  I've got two, yes, two FOs to show you.  But I completely forgot to block them over the weekend.  Le sigh.  So many things to do, so very little time!

- last night I went to bed ├╝ber early and managed to score a 12 hour sleep!  Crazy, I know!!  I feel so beyond rejuvenated and rested.  I was kinda mad when I woke up this morning cause there was a ton of things that I wanted to get done last night but my friend Natalie's voice snuck into my head and I was reminded that I needed to take care of me first above all things crafty.  And she's right.  I can't craft if I'm exhausted.  Maybe that's why my knitting mojo has been off?  Anyhoo, I feel fantastic and hopefully this will translate into some good crafting!


  1. I have been wanting to do one of these for ages! I always start the day then forget. I might have to give it a go again though. Your photos are so good they have inspired me!

    1. You should totally do it Kat!! I think it's easier if you have a smart phone and can take photos with that too. I thought I would forget after a few photos, but then after taking 3 I was really keen on taking more to the point where I thought I was constantly taking photos all day long!


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