Tuesday, March 27, 2012

No Dice

SweetGeorgia Yarns Minis
I was really hoping that by the time the weekend was over and I had to sit down and write this blog post that I would have a finished shawl to show you.  Even though I knew deep down in my heart that the likelihood of that happening was pretty darn slim.  The optimist in me kept whispering that I only had eight rows and a bind off to go and then the shawl would be done, done, done.  But what the optimist had failed to mention was that these 8 rows consisted of knitting over 17, 000 stitches!!  And that the first of these eight rows would take an entire day to knit because you have to increase using the backwards loop method after every stitch, and for an English knitter like myself, that's quite the tedious and time consuming feat.  But I persevered and late last night I was finally able to start binding off!  Sadly, two hours had gone by and I was only almost half done, and then I started to worry that I wasn't going to have enough yarn to finish.  So I took a break and painted my nails.

So since I don't have a finished shawl to blog about and I have yet to photograph all the other FOs (man, I'm so behind!), I give you a post about some random things.  Such as:

- I ditched my Friday knit night so that I could go watch The Hunger Games on opening night.  I was so beyond excited for this movie that sacrificing a knit night was definitely worth it.  I also thought that if I didn't go, I would shrivel up and die.

- my friends and fellow knitters, Hayley and Andi, also decided that The Hunger Games were worth sacrificing a knit night for.  We had all brought along our knitting, but only Andi was able to knit in the dark.  During the movie.  In the theatre.  She's crazy.  I, on the other hand, was way too excited and didn't think I could tear my eyes away from the screen to even glance down at my knitting from time to time.

- I loved the movie.  I now want to see it in the Imax theatre.  

- I'm already impatient for Catching Fire.  And they haven't even begun filming it.

- on Sunday the little family and I had packed up a picnic lunch and headed over to Mount Doug for an afternoon of beach combing (aka collecting rocks that the Munchkin would then hurl into the water) and forest-y adventures (we won't talk about how I wanted us all to pretend we were in The Hunger Games).  At the beginning of the month Brett and I had vowed to make Sunday "active family day".  Before, we had always used Sunday as the day when Brett would take the Munchkin out for a bit so that I could have some "me time" and get some crafting/baking/relaxing done.  As much as I appreciated and loved that time, I also felt like I was missing out on the fun.  Yes, we have our routine: I spend all week with the Munchkin having our own fun while Brett works long hours.  Friday nights are when Brett and the Munchkin have their father and son time.  Mondays are usually spent grocery shopping, cleaning house, running errands, and when appointments are scheduled.  So when do we have the quality family time?  Now that the weather is getting better and warming up, Brett wants to get back into his work out routine and I want to get back into being active.  I proposed that we use Sunday as "family day" - a day that we do an outdoor activity together as a family.  Maybe use the opportunity to do something different.  As long as we're active.

- in case you haven't noticed, and you're not on Facebook, Twitter, or follow me on Instagram, I've been quite into nail polish this past month and a bit.  Recently I got my hands on a few bottle of The Hunger Games inspired polishes by China Glaze (no pun intended).  Even if it weren't HG related, I'm in love.  Such amazing polish!  Hard wearing, gorgeous colours, and 3-free!!  Awesome.

- the Munchkin is slowly getting into arts and crafts.  I seriously cannot wait for the day when he's willing to sit there and create.  But for now, he can't really sit still long enough to get fully engaged and hasn't really shown any interest in colouring or drawing.  Unless it involves a chalk board or a Magna Doodle.  The other day though, I managed to get him interested in gluing stuff to an egg-shaped piece of construction paper (I'm slowly thinking about Easter).  I think he thoroughly enjoyed it and now I'm thinking of putting together an "art box", and have been looking around the house for things that could be re-used in the name of art.  A part of me is wishing I could buy glitter, but we have a rule in the house: no glitter.  Why?  That stuff gets everywhere!  Brett always says "glitter is the herpes of the crafting world".  And it's true.  Once it gets into the carpet, you'll be seeing signs of it for the next ten years, regardless of how much you vacuum!

- yesterday I got the biggest ego boost via youtube.  Brett had posted the video that we had made of my Crayon Canvas Melt on his youtube account.  Last week it had reached over 10, 000 views!  But that's not the awesome part, this was: we got a message from a viewer saying that they thought the video was awesome and that their teacher had shown the video to their class before proceeding to do their own melted crayon art.  Miso Crafty Knits in the classroom?  How cool is that?!  And how flattering!

- I'm planning on doing some sewing this week (even though I have a ton of WIPs that really need to be off the needles!).  I've been inspired all weekend and have been dying to turn them into reality.  I just need to pen in the time...

Ok...speaking of time, I should take advantage of the fact that I have Brett home longer than anticipated today and try to finish binding off Nuvem!  I'm so close to the FO, I can taste it!!

Have a Crafty Day!  ♥

PS: Just because someone will ask, the yarny photo at the top is a bunch of minis that I had received in a SweetGeorgia Yarns minis swap.  The photo shows the first round that includes a lot of Tough Love Sock and I think some Superwash Sock?


  1. I have to ask, what are the minis for? are they for a beekeepers blanket?

    1. Ding ding ding!! You got it Nat! Now if I can only get myself to start knitting those hexipuffs again...

  2. your posts always make me smile :) go nuvem go! can't wait to see it! xo

    1. Aww, thanks Rebecca! :) You'll see the finished Nuvem soon!

  3. Lee: Yes, you are crazy. But not for that reason. :)

  4. How exciting on the youtube comment! I so want to make one of those crayon melt pictures. They look so cool but I don't know where I would hang it. I saw an awesome one online that had the silhouette of two people kissing under an umbrella under the melts. It looked so cool!

    1. I've seen that one Kat!! I love that version! I've also seen one where the crayons are arranged in the shape of a heart and then melted. So cool!

      You should definitely make one! If you can't find a place to put it, can you gift it?


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