Friday, March 9, 2012


Nuvem Yarn Bowl
Can I tell you a secret?  I've got the mouth of a sailor.  Actually, I could probably make a sailor blush with my potty mouth.  I've managed to reign it in a ton since the Munchkin was born and I've tried really hard to keep it clean on the blog (although I'm sure I've slipped up a few times) since family members do stop by from time to time to check up on me.  At one point the nasty language got so bad that Brett and I had to start up a swear jar.  It worked...for a few weeks and then fizzled out pretty fast when we realized that it was becoming a jar full of IOUs.  I've gotten much, much, MUCH better ever since the Munchkin started picking up words and repeating us.  I have dropped a few f-bombs here and there and I'll admit that sometimes when I leave the house sans Munchkin I can barely contain myself and the second I lock our front door my fists are all balled up and every single curse word under the sun comes out.  I amaze myself sometimes at what can come out of my mouth!

Now, when I knit, after some time I find my body starting to relax (cause trust me, there's been times when I've picked up my needles and I'm gripping them so hard I'm surprised they don't snap in half!) and my mind slowly mellows out.  Yes, there's been times where my knitting will cause me to curse, like when I discovered that I had lost my knitting mojo.  But it's never anything major.  Until now.  Until this project.  For the record, Nuvem is a clever pattern, a beautiful design, and extremely easy to knit.  At one point, I even thought it was therapeutic.  Depending on my mood, I still find it therapeutic.  But holy smokes!!  I could have knit up a cardigan in the amount of time I've been knitting away on this shawl!!

I've been working on Nuvem monogamously (gasp!) this week and am honestly seeing some in, my shawl is now large enough to swaddle a baby!  Even my giant, over-sized yarn cake has finally dwindled in size!  It's now small enough to fit into my yarn bowl!  Well, just barely.  And this is a larger bowl too.  Just glad I knit from the outside in, or the yarn cake would never fit otherwise and could end up in a tangled hot mess.  Am I the only one that knits from the outside in with yarn cakes? I've been told, not once, not twice, but several times that I'm knitting from the ball the wrong way and should be knitting from the center.  Really??  I didn't know there was a right and a wrong way of knitting from a ball of yarn!  I used to love center-pull balls but then started to dislike how deflated they got and would get all messy and tangled towards the end and I couldn't get a proper gauge of how much yarn I had left unless I had a scale near by.  Switching to the outside helped to solve all that.  

WIP - Nuvem Progress

Anyhoo, back to Nuvem.  I was starting to get really excited and thought I was making major progress.  Then I had to ruin the feeling by weighing my yarn.  If you're not familiar with Wollmeise lace, it's 300 grams of pure loveliness.  When I weighed my yarn, it was a mere 123 grams.  I'm not even at the halfway point!  I still have at least 100 grams left to knit up before I can even begin to think about the ruffle edging!  Dudes...let me just say that I started using very unlady-like language.  I thought maybe my scale was broken.  Maybe the batteries were dying?  Maybe my yarn wasn't placed exactly in the middle of the scale?  Maybe this whole project is a piece of shit?  Ok, ok.  That's going too far.  But 123 grams out of 300??  I'm suppose to knit until I have 20% of my yarn leftover, so that's about 60 grams.  Hmmm...all thoughts of doing a second Nuvem have gone out the window.  

On the plus side, I got a pair of Dyakcraft needles to test/try out and decided to use them for this project.  I must say....WOW!  They are pure amazeballs and definitely live up to the hype!  If I could, I would ditch my current set of interchangeables and replace them with several sets of these bad boys.  The best part?  I got a pair in Positively Pink (which I'm using with this project and you can see them in action here) and a pair in Bubblegum.  I can see why fans of these needles own several sets, as I wouldn't mind owning the Turquoise and the Charcoal set either!

So glad it's a rainy day.  I think I'll plug in a movie for the Munchkin and hunker down with Nuvem this afternoon and see how much damage I can do.  So glad I have knit night tonight too!

Happy Friday!  ♥


  1. I'm right them with yah on the sailors mouth;) amazingly enough my boys don't repeat any of mommies mad words, ha! I'm the worst while driving.....

    On another note, did you order the lace tip or regular dyacraft needles, your enabeling has come at a perfect time!! While I love my signatures and hiyahiya sharps i'd love to try these too;)

    Love your blog Melissa!!! I've been catching up. I used to live in victoria, until I met my american hubby. Now I'm just over the border in WA. Are you going to fibers west next weekend? Maybe I'll be able to spot you in the crowd!!


    1. Hahaha...oh Aja, let's not even get started about driving! So glad I rarely drive with the Munchkin in the car cause then I don't know if I can hold it in!

      I have the regular Dyakcraft needles. I didn't know that they even had lace! Might have to look into that too.... Just a warning though if you get needles from Dyakcraft - they take forever to get to you. Mind you, each and every single needle is being handmade by one guy and there's quite the demand for these needles. So it's completely understandable. But when you are beyond anxious in trying them out...6 months feels like an eternity!! But sooo worth the wait!

      Thank you so much for reading! :) Sometimes I have to remember that people actually do read this and not just my mom. I'm hoping to get to Fibers West this weekend, but haven't heard back from my ride yet. If I do go I definitely plan on stopping by the Ravelry meetup booth!

  2. You are a brave brave woman for attempting to knit up all of that lace into one project -- 300 grams of lace is A LOT of yarn!!! Wahoo!

    Go, Melissa, go!!!

    On another note . . . oh, Dyakcraft needles . . . ok, now you've got me lusting after turquoise, pink, and other freakin' gorgeous needles!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Jenn!! :) I need it!

      The Dyakcraft needles....yes...not only are they a dream to knit with, they are absolutely lovely to look at too! It would be so hard to decide on just one colour!!

  3. There is no wrong or right way with those yarn cakes... BUT (from what I've read in the past), did you know that if you knit from the centre out (depending on how the yarn was created, the plies, the twists, etc) it's puts extra strain (or extra twists) which can change the structure of your yarn - which changes the fabric of your knitting. Soooooo, I try to knit from the outside of the yarn cakes. They still sit nice and flat on the table or pull out really easily, so I don't know why centre pull is the "preferred" way to knit.

    1. Oh Mary! I had a feeling that if anyone knew some sort of answer about this, it would be you! :) I had a feeling it had something to do with the twist/make of the yarn. What I don't understand is why would yarn store employees be telling me that I'm "knitting from the wrong end" if it's the inside out that is the "bad" way?

      I find the outside in sits nicely the entire time you knit, even as the cake gets smaller. Whereas going from the inside out and the cake starts to flop it doesn't sit nicely at all. Oh well. To each their own!

  4. Ha ha the more I read your blog the more you sound just like me! My mum is always pulling me about about my potty mouth. I really need to reign it in before we have any kids. I always knit a ball of yarn from the outside. I have never heard about knitting from the centre. I would assume it would get knotted if you did it that way.

    1. Hahaha.... at least you've got some time before the kiddos start to arrive! :)


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