Wednesday, March 21, 2012


SGY Colour Cards
I know, I's been a few days!  Where did I disappear to?  I can already see the tumbleweed blowing by and hear the crickets singing.  Let me tell you, the weekend was heck-tic!  Brett's work schedule was all messed up due to my day trip to the mainland and from Brett having to be in court (he was a key witness but ended up not having to testify).  So on one of the days that he normally has off, he had to work but the Munchkin and I gladly traded in that one day for the two days that he had off (which he normally works)!  We definitely took advantage of those days and regardless of whether or not if the weather was nice, we spent most of the time outside and out of the house.  We went to the beach, dug up tiny crabs, threw rocks, flew a kite, fed ducks (and crows, and seagulls...but they are all ducks according to the Munchkin), jumped in puddles, snuggled in bed, messed around on Photo Booth, and pretty much anything else that we could think of!  It was absolutely wonderful!  Even more fantastic was that Brett let me sleep in, made me BBQ ribs and homemade pulled pork sandwiches, AND came home with some yummy chocolate porter beer just for me!  How many exclamation marks can I use?!  To top it all off, I even got to go to a Tuesday knit night!  So I hope you can forgive me for not blogging for a few days in favour of spending the time with my family.  I swear, if it weren't for smartphones and iPads I wouldn't be connected to any form of social media at all.

Now I know some of you are wondering "so...?  What about Fibres West??".  Well, sorry to disappoint you all, but even though I took my camera with me, I totally forgot that I had it and ended up not taking any photos!  I blame it on the yarn fumes and the attempts at trying to keep my sanity from so much going on around me.  I'm also über pleased to report that I came home with only a handful of new yarn.  I had to really hold back as I had received a lot of yarn in the mail throughout the week leading up to Fibres West and the stash is already getting out of control (again).  Not to mention that I discovered that the Munchkin has outgrown about 90% of his clothes!  This mama is gonna have to fork over moola for new clothes for the Munchkin instead of selfishly indulging in yarny goods.  But that's ok, I really shouldn't be buying more yarn anyways, even though there were a few yarns that I really wish had followed me home!  I'm just glad that I snagged business cards so that I can find those yarns later when I have more in the yarn fund.  I'm also glad that when I got to the SweetGeorgia Yarns booth that someone had beat me to the punch and snatched up all the Tough Love Sock, or else I would've been in trouble!!

So what did I score?  Just this:

SGY Haul from FW

All SweetGeorgia Yarns.  I know...I have a problem!  The bottom row is all Superwash DK, the middle row are both "as is" skeins of Tough Love Sock that very closely resembles Midnight Garden and Superwash Sock in what appears to be Stella.  At the very top is a yummy skein of BFL Sock in Creme Brulee.  I'm just dying to knit up a pair of socks using this fibre and I've always been drawn to this colourway.

I also got my hands on some really cool buttons made from antlers, as well as this:

Fringe Twister

A fringe twister.  This bad boy was actually on my list of things I wanted to get at Fibres West.  A few months ago I decided to make it my mission to get back into weaving this year.  I think it'll help in the stash busting department and can help me knock out a few items to add to the "gifting box".  I've always disliked my wonky twisted fringe and thought about making my own twister.  But after assessing the costs of the materials, the fact that I don't have a soldering tool (although in hindsight I probably could've just super-glued the alligator clips), I decided that it would be cheaper to just shell out the few bucks to buy one...and to have the guarantee that it'll work.  Now if I can only get what's currently on the loom off...

Well, that's it.  Not exciting at all.  Sorry.  I did discover some new yarns and companies (like Kattikloo and their wall of gorgeous yarns, and Valley Yarn, who had a huge selection of Madelinetosh, Handmaiden, and sold Puppy Snips!).  I also got to talk to the ladies of Knit Social (and seriously CANNOT wait for their Knit City event in October!!), and of course chatted with Felicia of SweetGeorgia Yarns...I'm really hoping that I didn't make an arse of myself in front of her.  I'm so painfully and awkwardly shy that I'm pretty sure I introduced myself as Felicia, even though she already knew who I was.  I'm just glad that when I looked down I was wearing clothes and wasn't naked!  I promise that at the next fibre related event I'll take photos and have more to show.  Who knows, maybe by then I'll become slightly less awkward and can actually have a decent conversation with someone without coming off weird and mumbling about "fumes" and "rubbing myself with yarn".

But you know what will happen, I'll have a fabulous conversation with a vendor/fellow fibre enthusiast about the love of our art, the direction in which our art will take place and the stigmas attached in current society, and will walk away feeling absolutely enthralled that I had such witty banter with another human being that I barely know...

...and then realize that I forgot to put pants on before leaving the house earlier that day.


  1. Nice haul! Sweet Georgia Yarns are so pretty. This was the first Fibres West I missed (due to large hole in the yarn budget). *sigh*
    Don't feel bad about being awkward. When I met Lynn Johnston a couple years ago (For Better or For Worse) I was so scared I couldn't talk. Which just made it worse. I think it happens to a lot of people. I kind of hope so anyway...

    1. That sucks that you couldn't make it to Fibres West this year! Maybe Knit City will be in the stars for you?

      I know what you mean about not being able to talk to people that you've been dying to meet. My mind usually runs a mile a minute and the rest of me can't keep up, so word vomit just happens...which doesn't help the socially awkward! I'm constantly having a "I carried a watermelon" moment. :/

  2. beautiful yarn!!! also, i had no idea what a fringe twister was. i seriously was staring at those at fibers west wondering wth? thank you for your clarification.
    which sock pattern are ya gonna tackle? i love love the creme brulee. ok miss melissa. we HAVE to meet before knit city. and then don't worry. you'll have lots of fab photos then, cause we'll all hang out. xo

    1. I think a lot of people were wondering what they were. I know when I got to the one booth that had the tray of them displayed, a group of ladies next to me were trying to figure it out. It's definitely a weird looking contraption!

      I have no idea which sock pattern I'm going to use with the BFL. I'll admit that my sock queue is pretty darn long, and I still have to get 2 pairs off the needles before I can cast on a new one! I'm also not going to give in and buy more sock needles, that's the last thing I need to do! ;)

      I agree on the meeting up before Knit City! Being in the same city and STILL not meeting?? That's sad. I keep telling Mae that I WILL come on a Saturday, but then Brett shows up late from work and before you know it Mom duties take over. :/ But it will happen. And soon!

  3. Pants? Pfft... Who needs pants. :)


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