Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What I Actually Did

Hockey Sticks
Sometimes plans for the weekend fall through.  Just because.  Life's like that sometimes.  In this household our weekend doesn't happen to fall on the typical Saturday and Sunday, but rather Sunday and Monday thanks to Brett's work schedule.  But that's cool.  It hasn't bothered or affected me in any way, other than a few missed events.  But no biggie.  So whenever I make weekend plans I always have to remind myself to not get my hopes up too high in case things don't work out exactly as I planned.  That was the case this weekend.

I had completely forgotten that Saturday was Hockey Day in Canada which, according to Brett, should be a national holiday.  But it's not.  Yet it is in our household.  So that meant the Munchkin and I spent the afternoon pretending to play some hockey (and by pretend, I mean that the Munchkin would unintentionally slapshot the ball all over the place while I run and get it), until Brett got home from work.  Then it was his turn to play a little shimmy with the kiddo while I made dinner.   Can you guess which hockey stick is mine?  We did eat our fancy shmancy crab dinner (on Sunday) as planned, but decided to nix the steak and just bought more crab legs instead.  I didn't take any photos simply because the sight of the crab and pot of melted garlic butter made me forget my own name, let alone that I even owned a camera. 

Brett's concussion symptoms returned and so the rest of the weekend was very low-key.  We went out for breakfast at our favourite greasy spoon place which made me really miss the Sex and the City- style brekkies that I used to have on Sundays at Bon's with my friends back in Vancouver.


I mentioned yesterday that I had lost my mojo.  I had spent more time ripping back my knitting than actually knitting.  So while I was at it I frogged a few projects.  Then decided to stop knitting altogether and picked up a hook instead.

Frogged Sock - Trafficphobia

Yep.  I decided to do some crochet. Now don't go thinking that I'm going to ditch knitting and become a hooker.  Technically I could have frogged this project and no one would have been the wiser.  I had started this project a while ago but had seriously gotten as far as the second round before I got stuck.  I can't crochet if my life depended on it.  Crochet just completely confuses me.  I get all jumbled up about how to count stitches, where to put the stitch...crochet isn't nicely laid out for you the way knitting is.  At least not for me.  I mean, have you ever seen a crochet chart??  Yikes! 

Crochet Granny Square

You're probably wondering why I would spend time trying to figure out crochet when I gave knitting the temporary boot.  Well, I figured since knitting kicked my ass I better make sure I owned crochet.  My ego needed that boost.  It took some Google-ing to finally find a tutorial that actually showed you step by step visually on how to crochet a bloody granny square past the second round.  After watching a few pointless youtube videos and clicking on a bunch of sites that only show you how to do a granny square up to the second round I was starting to feel defeated.  But now I'm well on my way.

Sew Time

I also got some time to sew.  Not as much as I had planned/hoped for but it's still better than no time at all.  I managed to produce two large sweater-sized project bags.  One for me, one for the shop (don't bother looking in the shop though.  I haven't listed it yet).  Even though my sewing time was cut in half I still got to cross off a "to-do" item off my list that pertained to sewing - I finally bought another spool rack and promptly hung it up in my sewing space.


The Munchkin was very adamant that he had to be at my side at all times or else the earth would open up and swallow him whole.  So I turn organizing my spools of thread into a learning opportunity.  It was very cute to watch him arrange and group the spools by colour, and think the way he pronounces "pink" is adorable yet so funny.  Little kids...pure entertainment.  


This weekend I also watched more TV than I have in years. The Walking Dead aired a new episode since October to continue on their second season (woot woot!), and for the first time since...well, I can't remember the last time I actually sat and watched it, but I had watched the Grammy's.  I wanted to watch Adele's (amazing) first performance back since her surgery and just had to stick around to catch both Skrillex and Deadmau5 (which I listened to all.weekend.long on and off with Ghostland Observatory).

Nail Polish - Shiny Things

At least that time wasn't totally wasted.  I worked on my crochet project and painted my nails.  Hands and feet.  I realized last week that "craptarts, why don't I paint my fingernails?" especially now that I can.  I kid you not, I spent practically a decade not being able to wear nail polish on my fingernails.  I know, crazy, right?  That's what happens when you work in the food service industry for so long, you get used to painting your nails only to have to take it off a day or two later when you have to return to work.  After a while you just stop painting your nails altogether.  During my stint as a technical designer (and had quit the job in the food industry) I went crazy and had dyed my hair a bright cherry red and splurged on gel acrylics simply because I could without worry.  Eventually the red hair took too much to upkeep and the acrylics, while über nice didn't last long either.  My nails grow like weeds and found having to go in for fills every three weeks was a total pain.  I had to remember this when I thought about getting them again last week.  Brett was against the idea the entire time and offered to paint my nails for me.  He's such a keeper!

Ok, I need to get off the computer and figure out this knitting business.  I kinda feel lost when I'm not knitting away on something!


  1. Sounds like a busy weekend to me! I went on a no knitting period a few months back and funny enough it took trying crochet to bring me back - I found crocheting so frustrating that I was back on my pointy sticks in no time flat. Fingers crossed that you get your mojo back soon.

    1. I'm so glad that someone else finds crochet frustrating too!!

      I'm hoping my no-knit period ends soon. Sadly this crochet business isn't helping much. At least I'm not overly pissed off at my crochet project any more!

  2. Oh please tell me where you found the crochet tutorial. I feel like I have three left hands when I am trying to crochet.

    1. Elizabeth, the crochet tute is right here:


      I hope it helps you out as much as it helped me!!! Good luck!

  3. ps - I really want a project bag :)

  4. i love your project bags. and i'm certain i need more. just sayin'. xo

    1. Thanks Rebecca! :)

      I'm hoping to do a shop update at the end of the month. I'm also hoping it'll be a big one, but we'll see how much sewing time I can actually get!

  5. I don't mean to be a repeat commenter, but I wanted to say that my husband also treats Hockey Day in Canada as a holiday almost as important to him as Christmas.

    1. Hahahaa...I'm pretty sure 70% of the Canadian male population thinks just like our husbands! ;)


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