Friday, February 10, 2012

Weekend Plans

WIP - Nuvem in B&W
I had originally planned on posting about the other FO that I had mentioned earlier this week but just couldn't sit still and concentrate long enough to actually write the post.  I'm still feeling the backlash of being off my meds and am wishing that the therapy treatment that I had would just kick in now and level everything out a bit.  Trust me, having a racing mind, heart palpitations, and not being able to blink isn't fun.  At all.  I thought any consumption of caffeine was just adding to the fire, and so I had cut coffee out of my diet for a few days.  My doctor pointed out that I was fine to have coffee, since I'm not chugging it down all day long and I don't drink pop or other highly caffeinated beverages on a regular basis.  Phew!  I missed having my morning coffee! Because I feel so shaky I've had to alter some weekend plans.  I think I might have to take a break from some of my current WIPs and knit on easy and mindless projects instead.  I was hoping to get some sewing done as my shop is in dire need of an update.  I guess we'll see if it's a do-able feat once I get sewing.  If I have to spend more time with my seam ripper than with my sewing machine I'll know it'll be better to do something else for the time being.

B&W Sewing

Brett and I are planning on having our luxurious steak and crab dinner this weekend since we didn't get to do to it on New Years Eve due to me not being allowed to eat shellfish.  We don't really celebrate Valentine's Day cause Brett usually has to work (and late), but we're going to splurge on a few extra legs just cause. Normally we wait for the 15th where we stock up on heart shaped chocolate for half the price and spend the next week hopped up in a chocolate and sugar high.

B&W Cutlery

I will also be giving Brett some lessons in Photoshop.  He's been using a very basic photo editing program that has been limiting his creativity.  I've been on him to give Photoshop a try. He kept laughing it off after his first attempt months ago intimidated and overly frustrated him.  But lately he's been obsessed with man-babies that he's finally giving Photoshop another try.  He's now in love with the program and I'm so proud that he has vastly improved his skills within the past week.  I personally think you can learn a ton when you just play around and see what you can do.


It's suppose to be crap weather all weekend long.  I have a weird feeling that means I'm going to be ditching my weekend plans and will end up spending the time sipping a lot of tea, writing lists, and staring out the window...maybe knitting will get squeezed in there somewhere.  And all while listening to Ghostland Observatory.  Non-stop.

Happy weekend Bloggy Friends!  ♥


  1. okay, just went and looked at "man babies"... that is weird. your blog pics are cool though, totally tricked me into thinking you were making something out of gorgeous gray yarn for a second!

    1. Hahaha...sorry that you're weirded out. And don't worry, I still have a ton of grey in the stash and I'm sure you'll be seeing me knit it all up in the future!

  2. speaking of valentine's day and all things pink, i just saw the pink kitchen-aid at stockmann on thursday. i may have to rob someone to get that machine but i don't care.

    1. OMG!! THE pink Kitchen Aid mixer that I'm lusting after?? Or the baby pink one? If you get it, I will seriously go to Finland, hunt you down, and drool over that mixer!!

    2. THE pink. not the sissy baby pink. i had to stop by it and bathe in its glory until the security guy drove me away. it was pretty. and so expensive they hadn't even bothered with a price tag. sob.

    3. My knees are shaking! I can't believe you were that close to one! So, so pretty!


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