Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Radioactive Girl

First off, I would just like to thank all of you who had sent me well-wishes and notes of encouragement while I was in quarantine.  It was seriously all greatly appreciated!  I was actually quite surprised at the fact that I wasn't bored once (although my meals was another story...total yawnsville!), and even though I absolutely loved all the "me time" I found by day two that I missed my little family sooo much.  I swear, by the time I was able to go home the Munchkin had turned into a man!  Ok, not really, but he's hellava lot more mature and looks so much older than when I had left him!  I've been back home now for almost a week and have been constantly amazed to find just how many pairs of pants that no longer fit the Munchkin, even though they had fit him just find before my time in isolation!

Anyhoo, I didn't get as much knitting done as I had hoped/thought I would, and sadly I didn't get to do the Downton Abbey marathon.  I did, however, take a lot of naps (the second I got to my hotel room after my treatment I could barely keep my eyes open and had fallen into a deep sleep that lasted a glorious four hours!) and had a horror movie and a chick flick marathon ("nobody puts Baby in the corner!").  You might be surprised that I didn't have a guilt-free "bad TV" marathon, mainly because I'm not much of a TV watcher and find most reality TV shows either annoying, degrading, or both (but I will admit that I sometimes like to watch The Real Housewives...rich women and their silly dramas...oy vey!).  Instead I got to watch a few awesome documentaries about the revival of roller derby from start to finish without anyone bugging me to watch Team Umizoomi or the sports highlights.  It was glorious!

Some highlights from my treatment and time in seclusion:

- two of the nuclear medicine lab techs had immediately recognized my sweater (I was wearing Owls) the second I had entered the room (one of them had the pattern in their queue!), and one of them knew what pattern I was working on in the waiting room.

- I spent a good 7 hours at the hospital, most of it was waiting time.  Luckily that time wasn't wasted.  I managed to finish a shawl and get most of the foot done on a sock.

- I got to block that shawl and a cardigan at the hotel.  At the same time.  Without worry that little Munchkin hands were going to touch it and/or get hurt by the blocking pins and wires (don't worry, I'll show you those FOs later this week).

- to cheer me up Brett constantly sent me photos of him and the Munchkin via text message.  He also Photoshopped a lot of funny pictures for me.  One of my favourites is the photo you see above.  Nothing says I love you more than knowing that your significant other would want to throw pink radioactive balls of yarn if she had to throw anything at all.  And if she had super powers.

- to make sure that I didn't forget what they looked like, Brett and the Munchkin made sure I had FaceTime with them every night before the Munchkin went to bed.  I'm still amazed as to how many of the bedtime stories I've got memorized without even knowing it!

- even though I had a hard time concentrating the entire time I was at the hotel, I still managed to knit the entire body of a cardigan.  I'm sure that if I didn't rip and re-knit the collar a million times that I would probably have a finished cardigan by now.

Some people have asked if I feel 100% better now.  I wish I could say that I did.  Sadly, my treatment takes a while before I can tell if it had worked or not.  In the meantime I'm mainly feeling the effects of not being on the medication that I've been taking for the past four years.  Although, I do have more energy than I've had in a few months...but I think my body had traded in my muscles for it.  I can't really rejoice in having more energy when I'm feeling beyond poor-ass weak.  Le sigh.  I guess you can't have it all.  

It's definitely taken its toll on my knitting.  I'm finding that my arms get tired out from just holding my needles for longer than 10 minutes, and my arms will start to quake if I try to knit on a bigger project (like an almost finished cardigan) for even 5 minutes.  Hopefully this doesn't last long!  With that said I'm going to go build up my yarn-weight tolerance and knit for a bit on Delancey.  I don't want to get behind on the KAL on the first week!

Happy knitting my friends!  ♥

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