Friday, February 17, 2012

How Fitting

Did you know that today was Random Acts of Kindness Day?  I did.  But I totally forgot.  I had grand plans of baking yummy treats to send Brett to work with, to give to my neighbours, and to bring to my knit night, but that's all they were - grand plans.  The days have been all up in a jumble for me and for some reason I thought today was Thursday.  I missed the Wollmeise update last night (but not that I was planning on buying any yarn, I am after all, on a yarn diet). I was even awake for it (but was too engrossed with The Hunger Games to noticed the me, I was up 'til 5am with the if this post seems a little whack, it's for this reason).  Oh well, I need to save my pennies for next month's Fibres West trip and my credit cards are severely in need of being shoved into the freezer all "Confessions of a Shopaholic"-style.

Lately I've been feeling a bit melancholy (why can't I think/say that word without saying it like Will Ferrell in Megamind?), most likely from the gloomy, grey weather we've been having and from my ongoing health issues.  So imagine my completely and utter surprise to find the above package in my mail box yesterday!  When I had peeked into my mailbox and saw that gem sitting in there amongst the stack of bills (yuck!), I quickly asked myself if I had a bout of amnesia sometime during the past few weeks and bought something online that I had forgotten about.  

The answer: no. 

I am participating in a few mini skeins swaps (I got a yummy package of minis earlier this week and the hostess was so sweet that she had included a full skein of yarn from her own stash as a way of thanking me for using a snobby yarn for my minis contribution...knitters are so nice!), but the next round of minis hasn't been shipped yet.  So I wasn't expecting a thing.  As I pulled the lovely package out of the box I immediately recognized the envelope's design. Marimekko.  My heart pumped a little harder.  Completely confused I flipped the package over to see who had sent it.  Liisa, you sneaky little devil you!  I raced back inside the house and gingerly opened the envelope.  The Munchkin was curious as to what I was doing but quickly lost all interest when he noticed that the package wasn't white and exclaimed "no bears!".  It's really sad when your toddler associates fluffy white packages with gummy bears and gets equally excited when said packages arrive.  Although, for completely different reasons.  Anyhoo, I started squealing with sheer delight as I pulled out a gorgeous skein of pink with various shades of purple yarn.  But not just any yarn.  Finnish yarn.  But just when I thought it couldn't get any better, look what else fell out:

An adorable Little My charm to add to my mobile!!  You know this mischievous little imp will be up to no good for sure!!  A better view of Little My: 

Liisa had also included a little note (sorry, no photos of that!).  It was just two short sentences long but it was enough to make my chest tighten and for my eyes to get a little watery.  Yet the last line was enough to make me chuckle.

"Get well soon.  Here's some yarn."

I can get so sentimental.  What a perfect way to cheer up a dreary day!  This is so greatly appreciated, and as my friend Kat and I used to say a lot when we were in Finland "muchos kiitos!!" (we were really good friends with a few Spanish kids and they had influenced us quite a bit).  Thank you so much Liisa!!  You just made my week!!  The heart of some people...makes me have such warm fuzzies inside!

Now to figure out just the right pattern for this beautiful yarn...


  1. i can't believe how crumpled the package looks!! poor marimekko. anyway, i'm so glad you like it. you being warm&fuzzy inside makes me warm&fuzzy inside too!

    1. i might finally meet you at fibers west! weeeee!!! also, what a wonderful package! liisa you're the nicest. xo

  2. Random Acts of Kindness day? I never heard of it before but love the concept. You got some lovely treats in the mail - yay! As or The Hunger Games, I totally understand. I was rendered nearly catatonic while reading the series and could only move to go to the washroom. I even forgot to eat. Totally ridiculous when I think of the fact that a book series aimed at teenagers could do this to a 38 year old, but no apologies – I enjoyed every word!


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