Friday, February 24, 2012

Frogged In February

Frogged Yarn
I realized a while ago that not all of my long forgotten UFOs were going to become FOs.  I'm actually surprised that I haven't just frogged each and every one of them considering the mood that I've been in lately.  I really did look at each project and did a thorough evaluation as to whether or not if it was worth it to finish it up.  A few projects did get put back into the knitting basket, while a few others have met their fate of being turned back into balls of yarn.

The frogged projects:

The Americano Vest

WIP: Americano

This was a vest that was started back in September 2010.  It should have been a quick knit but I ran into a wall when I discovered that one of my front side pieces was an inch longer than the back side.  I remember thinking I could try easing it in during sewing but the reality of an inch being quite a large amount to ease in had finally hit me.  I procrastinated on ripping out the front and re-knitting it so much so that I had lost all desire to finish the garment.  Fast forward to now and I realized that even though I love the design and the garment on the model, it was a piece that I would most likely not wear.  So why finish something that I would probably only wear once?

Just to make sure, I checked out all the other projects on this pattern and discovered that a lot of other knitters had that same issue with one of the sides coming out much larger than the back side.  A lot of knitters had also commented on how they didn't care for the edges rolling up, and that it had seemed redundant to go through the trouble of having the bottom fronts come to nice points in the middles when the edge was just going to roll up anyways.  A few knitters had used a seed stitch border to prevent the rolling issue, but I didn't like how that made the vest look overall.  Some more knitters had commented on how the back being seamed to the yoke piece was also another questionable design move, since the pieces didn't match up properly and the edges weren't treated - which made the mismatch appear obvious.  Reading all of these comments made me conclude that yes, if I tried to complete the project I would probably end up hating it.  So I frogged it.  

Rainy Day City Cape

WIP: City Cape

I had actually started frogging this last month, but kept the neck area/yoke still intact...just in case I changed my mind.  This project was also from 2010 and again I loved how it looked on the model, but when I really think about it I probably wouldn't get much wear out of it.  If at all.  I do think the design is cute, but I just don't love it as much as I used to.  I can already think of a million projects that I could use this yarn for and since previous projects using Cascade Eco Wool only needed two hanks, I think I'll have more than enough for whatever I plan on using it for in the future.

Trafficphobia Socks

WIP - Trafficphobia Socks

I had started these socks last year and had worked so diligently on them for a week...and normally when I do that with socks it means that I have one sock finished in that time frame.  Not so much with this pattern.  A week later and all I had was the cuff and half of the leg.  The pattern is interesting but was taking forever to knit up.  On top of it all I was having knitter's denial about the fit.  It was a bit too tight for my liking.  The stitch pattern used in this design has very little give but knew from swatching that going up a needle size would have made the sock too big.  I had kept knitting anyways, but had lost all steam and love for this project pretty fast.  So I had put the sock away, thinking I could probably re-kindle the love later.  That love never came back and I highly doubt it ever will.  I finally realized this and decided that since I didn't get too far with it that it wouldn't matter if I just frogged what I had.  Bye sock!

Incognito Cowl(s)

Incognito cowls

I had whipped up three of these cowls: one for me, one for Brett, and one for the Munchkin.  I had originally started knitting these up as a gag for Brett back in 2010, while he was participating in Movember.  Brett's facial hair leaves a lot to be desired (re: he looks like a perv with a 'stache since he can't grow much facial hair) and so I thought it would be funny to knit up this cowl so that he could have a 'stache any time he wanted.  The cowls were über quick knits (as in they take half a day each, less if you have a small enough circular that you don't have to fuss with) but I stalled on actually sewing up the hem and duplicate stitching on the mustaches.   I'm sure a lot of you are probably wondering "wtf? That's the easiest part!".  I'm sure it is...for those of you who like to do finishings.  I, on the other hand, hate it.  With a passion.  It's my biggest downfall.  

Brett will never wear his cowl (his was the green one), well, maybe for ten minutes so that I can snap a few pics but that's it. So what's the point in finishing it?  I'm still contemplating frogging the Munchkin's cowl (using the process of elimination his is obviously the blue one) and my own, knowing that the Munchkin will most likely never wear his.  I highly doubt that I would even be able to get him to put it over his head, let alone wear it.  Yet it fits me.  But what would I do with two cowls?  Yes, I would probably get a lot of wear out of them come November but that's it.  I'm considering putting these back into the yarn closet.  Just in case I change my mind.

Other projects that I frogged, but didn't mind since they were barely worked on to resemble anything:

- Orchid Thief Shawlette.  I had knit maybe 6 rows on this project during a bout of Starteritis.

- Tiger Stripes Socks. This was suppose to be a simple stockinette project but after knitting the toe I realized just how much I hated the yarn.  I didn't even get the chance to start a project page on Ravelry for this.

- Maile Baby Sweater.  I had started another Maile sweater using Dream in Color Smooshy in the beautiful Bubble Haze colourway when I was on that baby sweater knitting kick.  I barely had the hem knitted up and know of no one having a baby any time soon.

Since frogging these projects I've already regained a handful of cables and stitch markers.  Sweet!  Sadly though, this means yarn is going back into the stash.  I guess I'm going to have to go through the stash again and try to weed out more that I can destash.  Why can't there be more hours in the day so that I can knit more?

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