Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekend, Where Are You?

Harajuku Fun Giveaway
Holy Moly! Where in the world did the weekend go?? Seriously? I swear I was at knit night on Friday cranking away on my Stockholm cowl (which I finished, YAY!! It's blocking as I type), and then feverishly working away on my Owls. I remember a bunch of us standing outside the coffee shop an hour after they had closed still just chatting away, not wanting to go home it seems. I kind of remember there being a Saturday and eating homemade pulled pork sandwiches with icy cold beers (oh was heaven!), and I remember doing some major purging/tidying up of the kitchen cabinets and desk. It's amazing just how much crap can accumulate on your desk. There was a pile of random papers, magazines, and catalogs that went back to 2008! I think I'm a pack rat...

All weekend I felt like I was going nothing but cleaning and making food. The cleaning, I have to admit, was needed. Throughout the week I do "quick tidy-ups" every morning and night of the house, just to keep things in order. But on the weekends, when I can enlist the help of Brett, we do a more thorough clean. Meaning that's when we put in some major elbow grease on the things that need it (like the bathroom!) and can purge not only the stuff the piled up over the week but extra areas of the house (like the kitchen cabinets...and the desk was really giving me a headache). As for the food making part, I decided that in order to help my crafting schedule I was going to make huge one pot meals or casseroles so that every second day (sometimes a third day) we can have yummy left overs and I don't have to spent a lot of time making dinner...time that could be spent knitting or sewing (when the kidlet allows it, that is). So far this plan has worked out quite a bit! I already forewarned Brett that the meal plan for the rest of the month was going to be like this, he didn't seem to mind.

I did manage to get some knitting in and like I said, I got my Stockholm cowl and my Owls sweater done! Both are currently on the blocking mat drying, albeit not as fast as I would like! I also finally got around to do the finishing touches of a project finished and blocked loooong ago. So stay tuned for that!!

Anyhoo, as the weekend slipped away I realized that I didn't post the winner of the Harajuku Fun bag! For that, I'm deeply sorry!!! I quickly went onto the Random Number Generator this morning and got the winner! Are you ready for this? The winner is....

Comment #5!! If I was smart, I would have checked to see who that was before starting this post...ok, just looked and the winner is:

Rebecca of the lovely blog nook!!

Yay! Rebecca, if you are reading this I'll be emailing you some time today to get your info so that this project bag can be sent your way and start getting used!

Speaking of project bags, Brett just took the Munchkin to his Strong Start play group...which means I have some time to get some sewing done...gotta jet, got a date with my Juki!

Have a happy Monday! ♥


  1. woot woot! today doesn't seem so dreary and rainy after all! hurrah! you've made my day. xoxoxo

  2. Warning nook, I know where you live :P


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