Tuesday, November 29, 2011


In order to make more space in my sewing room I decided to extend my Etsy shop's Cyber Monday sale to the end of the week! This extension
also means that throughout the week I'll be updating the shop with even more bags...both regular and sale priced.

I'm dedicating the rest of the week to sewing (which my knitting needles must hate, I'm sure!) and cutting fabric, but I'm going to try to post more often as I really do have some knitting to show you! I have a handful of FOs that deserve some blog attention and one of the WIPs that I've been (slowly) plugging away on is also screaming to be recognized. I just wish there were more hours in the day so that I can get everything done!

In between the knittin' and stitchin' I've also been trying to go through my stash and sort it all out (again!) but am starting to get a bit overwhelmed. I didn't realize just how much yarn I actually had...and how much I still have yet to catalogue. A part of me wants to just close all the closet doors and forget about it all, but an even bigger part of me really wants to get a hold on the stash and to continue this purging phase that I seem to still be in.

But I think the purging might have to wait a few hours...I've got to sew. I've got a shop that needs some attention first!


  1. you're superwoman, you know that?! also.. my offer still stands to help out with your stash. ;) hee hee... loving the project bag!! so excited to see what you'll have in the shop! xo

  2. Thanks Becca! Sadly though, I'm not superwoman. Just a woman that's highly sleep deprived!


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