Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Weekend

Harmony Wool Needle Tips
I had grand plans to blog all weekend. Actually, I had grand plans to blog, sew, knit, and get things around the house done all weekend. I realized last night that the weekend isn't going to go as (I had foolishly) planned. Why? It's my special little man's third birthday on Sunday (already?? He's three?? O...M...G!!) and I intend on spoiling him rotten with attention, hugs, kisses, presents, and yummy Mommy-baked goods. This weekend is his weekend and I'm going to let him decide what to do and what he wants me to (within limits, obviously), which normally is to put down the knitting needles.

I also found out last minute that Brett's brother will be arriving later today for a weekend long visit. So I've gotta tidy up the house, clean the bathroom, wash some linens, put away the several yarn cakes and knitting projects that seem to pepper the place, as well as put away the ironing board that currently houses a huge stack of fabric, fusing, rulers, and for some reason every single pattern weight that I own. Oh, and I need to stretch out the meal for tonight's dinner a bit in order to feed another mouth, and to have said meal on the stove by 4ish so that it has time to simmer and do its thing.

This all might sound easy peasy and like it could all get done within a matter of a few hours...which is quite possible, if you didn't have a crazy, full of beans almost three year old toddler on your hands. I don't know how some Moms do it, but for me it feels like for every 10 minutes I spend doing housework my offspring needs at least double that time of me either playing with him or watching him do something. Of course it'll be on a day like today when all the independence that he has building up in him leaves and he'll want me to be at his side every waking second of the day, making sure that I don't get anything done.

So the plan: to powerhouse it through and try to get all the cleaning done within an hour (and pray that my little experiment these past two weeks of doing quick, 15 minute house-wide tidy-ups every morning and before bed has helped), prep dinner while the Munchkin is eating lunch, play for a bit and hopefully get to the park (weather permitting, that is) to burn off some extra energy, and while the Munchkin is napping I'll throw dinner together and hopefully have a few minutes to myself to breathe and maybe knit a few rows of one of my projects.

I'm still hoping that I can get even half an hour's worth of sewing time in sometime this weekend, and if I have to, I'll stay up 'til the wee hours of the morning cutting out fabric. I definitely plan on trying to knit as much as possible this weekend (when the Munchkin is sleeping or harassing his uncle), but don't expect to hear from me until Tuesday. Oi, I think I need to clone myself...

But first, I better get crackin' at getting this house tidied up before the realization that my little baby is almost a man (ok, not quite, but I swear I'm going to wake up tomorrow morning and he's going to be 18 and moving out of the house)!!

Happy weekend everyone!! ♥


  1. Aww congrats little man! Such a great time of year to have a birthday! ;). So nice seeing you on Friday Melissa! Hope I didn't prattle on too much, I felt a little excited getting out of the house and seeing you ladies! Good luck this weekend!

  2. Happy third birthday to your little man! <3


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