Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Starteritis of a Weekend

MadTosh Tosh DK - Oxblood
Hello! How's it going? How was your weekend? We had a fabulous weekend ourselves. The Munchkin had a great birthday and was spoiled rotten, Brett felt like a kid again as he was able to play with the Munchkin's new Hot Wheels race track, and I managed to make it through the day without bursting into tears about how my "little baby" is now a little boy. It was a pretty low-key weekend filled with intimate family moments. Both Brett and I figured that this will probably be the second to last year where we'll be able to have such a quiet family birthday before the parties full of screaming, sugar-filled kids start up (but I'll quietly admit that I'm actually looking forward to those!). Sadly I didn't make the Munchkin's birthday cake this year, but have promised myself, Brett, and most importantly the Munchkin that next year I'll bake one and I'll totally make up for this and last year's cakes. Big time. It'll be epic.

I won't go into any details of the weekend, other than the fact that it was glorious to have Brett's brother here to entertain the kidlet. It was so nice to be able to take my time to shower and get ready for the day, to enjoy a (few) cup(s) of coffee without having to chug it down, to sit and knit for a bit...all without having a three feet tall half human tugging at your arm trying to get you to go upstairs to play with his trains, or pulling you into the kitchen so that you can watch him read the letter magnets on the fridge, or...well, you get the idea. It was definitely a win-win situation for everyone: the Munchkin had someone who was willing to be his monkey and shower him with non-stop attention, Brett got to hang with his brother, Uncle Travis got to spend time with his nephew, and I got to knit (and breathe a sigh of relief that my knitting didn't mean I was neglecting the kiddo).

My little man was definitely a trooper too. He manage to get sick on Saturday and it got progressively worse as the weekend wore on. Yet he didn't let that deter him from having fun or ruin his day. Aside from one or two moments where he got a little grumpy, he was actually a super happy kid who was full of beans and couldn't nap. Is this a sign of growing up and maturing? Awww...my little baby...

Other things that happened over the weekend: my major need and urge to cast on a million things. But I didn't. But I did wind up a whole lot of yarn. My swift and ball winder got quiet the workout, that's for sure. I definitely sense a case of Starteritis about to flare up. I think I can almost predict when a flare up is about to happen...usually when the seasons change...new season = new projects. Maybe it's my subconscious reorganizing my knitting queue? I still have a whole bunch of FOs to share with you (note to self: must take photos of said FOs!!), so expect to see those posts popping up soon. Also expect to see a whackload of new WIPs too.

Speaking of which, I should go wind some yarn...I just thought of another project that I must cast on for. Now. Eep.

Have a crafty week my dear blog friends!


  1. awww.. a happy birthday to little guy! i'm always telling my little owen that he could stop growing up now. haha. i completely understand and hear you when it comes to feeling guilty to enjoy a cup of coffee and knit. so happy you were able to have that this past weekend! can't wait to see what you'll be casting on for!! squeee!

  2. Thanks Rebecca! :)

    I definitely have to learn to get over that feeling that I'm taking my time and attention away from my wee one whenever I take the time to sit and knit even a few stitches...even though there are times when he's so absorbed in his own little world and doesn't want mommy to intrude (yet). I have to keep reminding myself that even mommy needs a few minutes of along time!


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