Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Home, Sweet Home

TFA and SG
Hello Friends! I'm back from the Thanksgiving long weekend. I hope everyone had a fab weekend! I know I did. The family and I headed over to Brett's parents' house in the Okanagan, where we enjoyed beautiful, warm, sunny weather (which promptly turned to crap the day before we left for the island), yummy food, and spent time with family, and friends and their new wee ones.

The weekend started out glorious for me. I thought I would be doing my share of the driving, but Brett decided to take one for the team and drive all the way to Grandma's house so that I could spend the entire drive knitting! I didn't even have to worry about the Munchkin since Uncle Travis (Brett's brother) was sitting in the backseat with him the entire drive. An added bonus that I wasn't expecting at all: the Munchkin actually behaved the whole drive. Wait, let me go even further. He was so beyond good all weekend long. Both Brett and I were astonished. Definitely a sign that the kidlet is maturing. My sweet li'l baby...


The weekend continued on to be fabulous...not only did we enjoy dee-licious turkey dinners (and seconds!), but we actually had the time to eat breakfast as a family (mmm...I can still taste the alder-smoked bacon!), something that we rarely get to do due to Brett's work schedule. The Munchkin had a blast tearing up the neighbourhood, the playgrounds, and playing with his new toys. He also loved the fact that there was always someone around to play with. I thought it was nice to constantly have people around too. It was a much needed break for me, and I got a ton of knitting time in.


The entire weekend both Brett and I enjoyed every Munchkin-free moment. Don't get me wrong, we totally love the Munchkin to death but when you live in a city where you have no family, when you finally do have family around that are willing to entertain and take the kiddo off your hands for me, you take it! Since I always had either Daddy, Uncle Travis, or Grandma around to keep an eye on the Munchkin I was able to sit, relax, and even knit whenever I felt like it. It was so nice to go to the playground and be able to knit the entire time without feeling guilty or worry that something bad will happen if you look away for more than two seconds.

Playground Knitting

Knitting on the playground

Back at the house we were able to sit back and relax without being tugged one way or another cause the Munchkin had a willing Uncle and Grandma who wanted to play games and cars with him, and watch him play in general. I think that first day I did nothing but knit!

It's amazing how fast time flies when you're on a so-called 'vacation'. The entire weekend no one really slept in (well, ok...I slept in...only cause Brett let me) but yesterday, the day that we were leaving to come back to the island, we had wanted an early head start to the day so that we wouldn't be coming home really late. Yeah, that's the day that we all slept in. Munchkin included. Of course, right? So the trip home started out much later than we had wanted, but we still rolled into the lower mainland at a reasonable time. How reasonable? Enough so that Brett drove straight to Three Bags Full instead of the ferry terminal!! The boy is trained! And trained well! Not even the crap weather could ruin my yarn shopping!!

Side Mirrors in the rain

We learned that there was going to be a sailing wait and wouldn't make it onto the 7pm ferry and would have to take the 9pm ferry home. Not wanting to spend three hours at the terminal we decided to just head on over to the IKEA in Richmond. I had already spent most of my budget at Three Bags Full, so I didn't do any damage. Not that it would have mattered anyways. By the time we hit up IKEA the three of us were beat and ready to just be home already, especially the Munchkin. I swear, the ferry ride this time around felt like forever and by the time we got home and unpacked the truck it was almost midnight!!

Needless to say we all slept in (again!) this morning. The day was spent unpacking, doing laundry (hence the late post), and just enjoying being in our own home (and beds) again. Tomorrow will be the big day of grocery shopping and catching up on emails, orders, and Ravelry...and basically just trying to get back into the routine of every day life. Phew!

So I'll say sorry now to those who haven't heard back from me yet...I'll get there eventually!

Happy post-Thanksgiving week!!


  1. I'm glad you got to have a relaxing knitcation!!!

    The yarn looks like heaven. The colors are wonderful!!!

  2. oh goodness what a haul! jealous! ;) sounds like you had an awesome mini vacay. sooo nice when you get a chance to have the family watch the wee one... it's the same for us. our family is either in ontario or in alberta.
    can't wait to see what you knit next!


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