Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hat Trick

Caked Yarn
Hey, wanna know a secret?

I suck at knitting hats. Yeah, I know. It's weird. Shhhh! Don't tell anyone! Pinky swear! Give me a sweater pattern and I can knit the crap out of it and make it look good. But give me a pattern for a hat, and it'll be nothing but crap. I can't figure it out. Something so simple and small you'd think I'd be able to knit it without any problems.

But nope. Can't do it. To me, hats are the trickiest things on earth. I once tried crocheting a hat for Brett and it turned out a mess. I was a few rounds from being done when I realized that it wasn't going to fit. It was so small, that it had fit a then 6 month old Munchkin! I did knit Brett a Turn a Square hat and while that one turned out much better, it was still a smidge too big for his abnormally large noggin. I had to throw it in the dryer for a bit in hopes to shrink it down a tad.

I've also made a few sad attempts at knitting hats for the Munchkin, but they always came out too big or oddly shaped (as in they kind of resemble a hat, but could also be mistaken for a bucket of sorts). But this year I'm determined to knit him a few...even if it takes me a hundred tries. The Munchkin is going to get a Mommy-made hat darn it!

Actually, it's my goal this season to knit Brett, the Munchkin, and myself hats. Again, I don't care if it takes me a hundred tries per hat pattern, everyone in this family is going to have a hat...or two...maybe three.

Eep. I better get knitting! Wish me luck!


  1. That's funny - I love to knit hats, it's my favorite project. I'm scared to do sweaters! Good luck.

  2. Don't be scared of sweaters! They are time consuming and don't give that nice feeling of instant gratification, but at the very end it's definitely so beyond rewarding. Now that I've knit 2 hats (that actually fit AND look like hats!) I have to admit that they are quite addictive. And what great stash busters they can be!


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