Thursday, October 20, 2011

Crafting Diversions

I kinda feel bad. And really, I shouldn't. Not one bit. Why? Well, these past few days the weather has been absolutely gorgeous and in the afternoon it's actually been warm outside. I hate seeing the Munchkin cooped up when it's rainy and gross out, and since that kind of weather is about to come upon us sometime soon I figured he should be outside as much a possible right now.

So for the past few days we've been outside pretty much all day long. By the end of the day we're both so pooped that we fall asleep by 8:30pm. Ok, me not so much. But I have been going to bed pretty early. Although last night I woke up around 10pm, did some computer stuff and then fell back asleep on the couch. Needless to say that my crafting has been put on the back burner these last couple of days. Ok, ok, ok...a lot of things were put on the back burner (I have a lot of blog reading to catch up on!). I did, however, cast on for a few new projects. Yeah...can you say Starteritis? Other than that not much knitting has been happening all week. I did manage to squeeze in (literally!) about 15 minutes of sewing time yesterday (gasp!!!) and almost finished a bag for the shop.

I promise that I will get back to the crafting today.

After I take the Munchkin to the park. Hey, I can bring a knitting project to the playground!

Have a crafty day!


  1. that's one thing that i love about knitting! it's so portable! i've been feeling guilty for not getting owen out so much, so today we headed out to the park.. knitting in tow... it was awesome! can't wait to hear what projects you've started!

  2. take advantage of the great weather! we'll have plenty of of grey weather perfect for crafting soon :)

  3. Loved the sun while it lasted, but not going to lie - the rain makes me stay seated on my couch with knitting and movies, and I very much like that!!!

  4. Rebecca:
    It's so hard trying to find that balance of being able to craft and spending time with the kiddos. I definitely need to cast on projects that are more portable than what I've been working on lately!

    You better believe I'm taking advantage of the great weather!! I'm going to miss it when it goes to crap! ;)

    I won't lie...there's nothing better than being glued to the couch with your knitting, a huge cup of tea, and stack of movies to watch...just not when it's nice out! :)


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