Friday, September 16, 2011

WIP: Westknits Mystery Shawl

WIP - Westknits Mystery Shawl 2
Aside from the colours that I used, I haven't really said or shown jack about this Westknits Mystery Shawl. So voila! Here you go. Some photos to satisfy your curiosity about this project. Sadly, it's still a work-in-progress in my mind. I know some knitters out there would call this done the second that last stitch was bound off, but I don't call a project finished until it's ready to wear. As in all ends have been woven in, blocking action has occurred, and it's ready for its' close-up.

The knitting on this bad boy is all done, it's been done for a few weeks now. I think I bound off (with plenty of yarn to spare!) the day before the last day of August. All that needs to be done is the finishings.

WIP - Westknits Mystery Shawl

I really love the colours I picked and how they were worked up in this shawl. I'm sure the lovely ladies in my knitting group are sick and tired of seeing nothing but pink, black, and grey come out of me! But hey, it's like my motto: everything you do in life, you gotta do it with style. And for me, that just happens to be pink, black, and grey!

The yarn is Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light. At first I wasn't sure if I liked it, cause there was a definite difference between the pink and the black in the weight department. Even though they are both fingering weight, the pink bordered super close to lace weight while the black was more of a heavy fingering. I don't really knit with single ply yarns that much, I think it's the variances in the thick and thin that gets to me - it just throws my gauge off. In the end I decided that I really did like the yarn (good thing too, cause I don't know what I would do with the other skeins of this stuff if I didn't!) and can't wait to knit more projects with it. I'm excited to find out just how soft the fabric will be after blocking cause it's already feeling pretty darn buttery.

So far I've had a great experience with Madelinetosh yarns and can't wait to try out the other varieties in their lineup. You should check out my friend Michelle's Mystery Shawl here. She also used some yummy MadTosh. She used 3 beautiful skeins of the luxurious Madelinetosh Pashmina. Her photos don't do the shawl or the colours justice. Trust me when I say it's absolutely gorgeous. Especially that dee-lish Tart colourway. It makes me want to knit everything in that colour!

Hmmm...maybe that's not a bad idea?


  1. wow! great job on the shawl! i LOOOOOOVE madelinetosh yarns. and i've only knit with the pashmina... so far.. :) beautiful job though!

  2. Thanks Rebecca! I'm definitely planning on knitting more with Madelinetosh, that's for sure!! I'm just dying to get my hands on some Pashmina too...I'm never in the Langford area but I just might have to make a special trip just to score some!! :)

  3. I love this shawl, the colors, the yarn, the pattern. Gush!

    I'm knitting Tea Leaves in MadTosh DK now and seeing this shawl makes me want to run home and knit!

  4. Thanks Mae! :)

    Ooohhh...can't wait to see your Tea Leaves when it's done! Let's make a deal, if you're done your cardi by next Monday you should wear it and I'll wear the shawl. Deal?


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