Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Random Stuff

Caked Eco Wool Plus
Yeah, not really an exciting title for this post, but my head hurts too much to do anything about it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this headache of mine doesn't turn into a full-blown migraine...cause really it's absolute torture when you want to just close all the blinds and crawl into bed and sleep the pain away but can't because your toddler just doesn't understand why playing and being outside where it's nice and bright hurts Mummy. Le sigh.

So, I'm going to take it easy, make a nice cup of tea, try to relax, and make this post utterly random. Hope you don't mind! Here we go...

- we had a wonderful weekend. It was gorgeous weather-wise all weekend and we all made sure to take advantage of it.

- Brett went to Beer Fest on Saturday, so the Munchkin and I decided to head on out and have an adventure of our own.

- it wasn't much of an adventure per se, we went to our usual playground, beach, and painted at the kids tent that they had in the market in front of our house. It turned into an adventure because the Munchkin wasn't in the best of moods and you never knew when a random tantrum over nothing was going to strike.

- I worked my last shift on Sunday. It was kinda sad. Definitely an end to an era, that's for sure.

- I'm going to miss some of the people that I worked with.

- I'm not going to miss the job itself.

- I feel like a massive, Earth-sized weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

- to celebrate the little family and I went to our secret beach spot and enjoyed some sun, (freezing) water, and relaxing quiet time.

- oh, and cupcakes were involved.

- now I'm officially jobless. This scares me shitless.

- as soothing as Sunday was, Monday made up for it by being jammed pack full of errands and appointments.

- I'm extremely proud of myself for doing my homework and research, cause after all my price-matching and coupons I managed to save $80 on our grocery bill, purchase some goodies to donate to the Munchkin's playgroup, and score at least a year's worth of mouthwash for 99 cents a bottle.

- it kinda freaks Brett out to see so many huge bottles of mouthwash in our linen closet.

- he hasn't looked in the laundry room yet...so he doesn't know about the killer deal I managed to get on laundry detergent either. I'm sure he won't mind, but I think he'll start to wonder why we haven't bought detergent after 6 months.

- I got about 2 hours of sewing time over the weekend...but then ran out of precious fusing. I seriously scoured the entire city and no one on has the fusing that I love and prefer. So out of force I bought some new stuff and am hoping that the bags I make from it will live up to my standards.

- so far, it hasn't.

- I also got some knitting done. When I say some, I mean I got a sleeve finished on my Emelie cardigan.

- I was really hoping I would be done this project by now.

- and the Duck Soup.

- I think I sense a need to make a spreadsheet about how to divide up my crafting time...

- yes, I'm a geek like that.

Here's hoping that everyone has a great week!!


  1. I work five days on - five days off, and it never ceases to catch me off guard how LITTLE time I actually have to "lounge" around on my five days off once errands and appointments get factored in!

    It sounds like you got a fair bit of baking, knitting and sewing done this weekend!!! I can't wait to see some photos :)

    Hope your head doesn't explode! <3

  2. So true!! I think the fact that Brett is around to actually do stuff with us (and the use of the truck also helps!) is what makes the weekend even busier. There's so much I want to do without the Munchkin dangling off my arms, that when Brett's around I try to get that stuff done.

    Then the weekday is when I try to catch up on what I didn't do over the weekend...like blogging. It's a vicious cycle!


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