Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Caked Skandal um Rosi
It was another busy weekend for us around here, but a very productive one at that. I call it "the weekend of purge". Brett claims that I used the word 'purge' in practically every sentence, especially on Sunday. I say he needs to purge that thought out of his brain.

Anyhoo, the weekend was suppose to be a relaxing one but then on Saturday our building manager gave us the key to the storage space on the side of our unit. When the little family and I moved into our place we knew there was no communal storage room and had no idea that there were even any storage spaces located around the complex. There's not that many spaces, which I think is weird considering how many units there are in the complex. So when our building manager told us a few weeks ago that the 2 families that were sharing the storage spot were both moving, we pounced. Our efforts were rewarded and we got the storage space...and all to ourselves! Woot woot!

Brett and I spent all Sunday moving stuff to storage (yay for not having my bike in the living room any more!!) and at the same time we went through the Munchkin's bedroom closet, the kitchen pantry, Brett's "man cave" that was slowly turning into a closet of crap...and we seriously purged. We made a quick donations run to the only charity shop that was accepting donations on a Sunday and dropped off six bags of clothing, 3 boxes of toys, 2 boxes of glasses and mugs (that I was dragging around with me for the past five years!), and my old vacuum. We were on such a roll that we spent the rest of the day doing some major cleaning and organizing. It was the spring clean that we had wanted to do, but didn't have the time to do so.

While Brett was sorting out his man cave I decided to take the opportunity to sort out my stash. I honestly didn't think I had a big stash...that is, until I organized it! I'll admit that I was starting to stash random bags of yarn in the Munchkin's closet when Brett started to complain about not having any room in our closet to actually put our clothes in due to the volume of yarn. Since we did a major purge of the Munchkin's closet that left pretty much nothing in there, I thought I would store the stash in there until he needed the closet for his own use.

Yarn Stash

Please don't judge. This is only temporary. I still have a lot of yarn taking up space in our bedroom. Please also excuse the crap photo. I wasn't feeling creative enough to try to take an artsy photo. But really, can you take such a photo of a closet full of yarn? I read somewhere that April 1st was not only April's Fools Day but also Flash Your Stash Day. My friends Natalie and Mae and I have talked about doing a 'Flash Your Stash' thing where we can all see each other's stashes and how we store our treasures. I wonder if there's anything online other than Ravelry for such a thing?

Monday was the usual running around doing errands and the weekly grocery shop. Yeah, bor-ring! But I did manage to squeeze in about an hour's worth of sewing time. I didn't get as much done as I would have liked (note to self: re-organize the sewing area. Pronto!) but I did get a few bags sewn up for the shop. Including my newest item to the line-up: the large sweater-sized project bag! How much of a difference is this bag to the ones I've been making? See for yourself:

Bag size Comparison

I've been able to fit an almost finished cardigan and two and a half yarn cakes quite comfortably in one of these bad boys. I think at one point I had two cardigan WIPs in there at the same time too. The bag shown above is one of two large bags (FYI, both in the same fabric) ready for the shop. Fingers crossed that I can get some more made next weekend. I'm really hoping the weather cooperates with me this week so that I can get some good photos and can update the shop over the weekend.

Other things accomplished over the weekend:

- I got off my butt and finally weaved in all the ends of the Mystery shawl. It's blocking as I type.
- Emelie is now off the needles as of Sunday morning. Such a satisfying knit!
- I wore my Trillian Skandal shawl, even though I haven't blocked it or blogged about it being finished. This was actually finished in July but has been sitting in the 'to be blocked' pile ever since.

I think this week should be dedicated to blocking all those projects.


  1. oh. my. goodness!!!! and there's even more yarn?! jealous! :) but yaaay for getting the storage unit! storage is sooo rare out here, isn't it? it's really a happy dance worthy thing if you get it :) congrats! and um... if you ever feel the need to purge some of your stash? well let's just say, i could TOTALLY help you out on that one. haha. it looks lovely! i did a post about my crafting space.... and it has my yarn in it: http://inanook.blogspot.com/2011/06/my-nook.html
    have a great day!

  2. CRAZY! Ryan and I have been purging down to the minimal items we touch on a weekly basis over the past week as well! We've also been usedvic. and salvation army'ing toooooooooons!
    It must be something in the air!


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