Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Playing with the Doh
I had every intention of blogging over the weekend but it just didn't happen. The thought was there, so "A" for effort? Yes, it was another busy, busy, busy weekend. It didn't even feel like a proper weekend though since we missed out on Daddy time for most of Sunday since Brett's company, along with a few other driving schools and ICBC's Driver Licensing department had their annual golf tournament for most of the day. Brett played the best game he's played all year...sadly, he didn't win.

The Munchkin and I tried to enjoy the nice weather that we had on Saturday before it got all rainy, wet, and depressing on Sunday and Monday, but we mostly played with Play Doh. Ok, make that we played with a lot of Play Doh. Hours and hours. This kid has yet to be tired of the stuff. It's definitely much different from the homemade variety that the Munchkin is used to and I think he actually prefers the store bought kind. Solely because every kind of homemade play dough he's ever played with (the stuff I made and the dough from his toddler groups) have always left a dough-y film on his hands and on the table surface. The "real" stuff doesn't. That, and it comes in more fun colours. Oh well, I'm not broken hearted over it and am just glad that he's doing something creative with his hands.

Speaking of being creative, I did a lot of knitting over the weekend (but no sewing...sniff, sniff) and the block party is still in full swing. Actually, ever since I started blocking projects completed ages ago and started this mission of purging the house of clutter, I've been on a roll with plowing through the pile of things that needed finishings...like buttons sewn on, ends woven in, and whatnot. It's definitely satisfying to finally cross those things off of the never ending to-do list!

Monday was the usual hectic running around doing errands all day, but that's ok cause I was able to slow it down a few notches and was able to end my weekend with some bellinis with the ladies from my knitting group. The lovely (and blogless) Becky organized a "Bitchy Bees and Bellinis" night that was a ton of fun. Definitely a night that needs to be repeated...like once a month! I didn't get much knitting accomplished but I did enjoy a much needed (and yummy!) cocktail with some female bonding time.

Other things of note that happened over the weekend:
- friends of ours (finally!) had their baby, which meant I had to get off my arse and sew buttons on the baby sweater I had knit for them a few months ago.

- I made my first crock pot meal (it was Minestrone soup) and it turned out really yummy. I just have to remind myself for next time to not add so much pasta, and if I do, to bump up the liquids. Live and learn, right?

- Even though I've been purging the house of useless crap, I have been stock piling stuff that we use a lot. Brett couldn't understand why I felt the need to take advantage of BOGO sales and purchasing mass quantities of items that I had coupons for. Now he knows. I think he finally understands that in the long run we're saving money by buying ahead when things are dirt cheap, rather than purchasing things as we need them (when they're not on sale). Case in point: this week's grocery bill was only $50. Am I proud of this, darn straight I am! But I know I can do it for even less...

- My friend Hayley, Kairee (the newest Bitchy Bee member), and I have started a plain sock KAL together. Both Hayley and Kairee have never knit socks before and so I thought it would be fun to teach them and knit a pair too. So far Kairee is finished one sock (so proud!!) and Hayley is ready to turn the heel on hers. I feel like a proud mama! I better get crackin' on my socks though...I finally made a decision as to what yarn/colour to go with and have just started the foot. The yarn I'm using is much thinner than I normally knit with and so it feels like it'll take me forever to get to the heel! Eep! I have three days to get to the heel...I can do it!

- More yarn arrived at the house and I'm starting to think I need to destash...or start knitting faster. Must.Not.Give.In.To.Starteritis!!!

Happy last week of September to everyone!!

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  1. wow you sound like you've had a very productive weekend! yaay! i wish my little man would play with playdough as long as yours does. hahah. oh well. i'll take what i can get :) i agree with buying large amounts of things on sale... we're also costco shoppers, and buy large bulk items there.. like HUGE bags of flour. so great.. but important to buy something that heavy only when the hubs isn't at sea ;) yay for KAL's! they're so awesome. :) I'm joining the RAE kal in jane richmond's ravelry page... i just need to find pretty yarn.. .something to do this weekend perhaps :) have a great day!


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