Thursday, September 8, 2011

Feelin' Crafty

Crayon Art Prep
After a weekend of not doing anything remotely crafty, I suddenly have a million project ideas floating around in my head. I had a
major urge to do one of those projects immediately. So I did it. I just need to get a good photo of it before I can share it with you guys.

But right now I have pressing matters to deal with: a few more ideas stemming from this project that I just have to do. Now. So excuse me, I have a date with my hot glue gun...


  1. Cannot WAIT to see what became of canvas, crayons and a blowdryer!!!

  2. I should have known that you have a pink hairdryer AND gluegun.

    Jennifer (legerdemain)

  3. Lol...Oh Jennifer! ;) Does it surprise you that they're pink? When I first starting date Brett he was quite amused with the amount of pink household items that I have. I say I need more pink!! ;)


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