Saturday, September 17, 2011


WIP - Westknits Mystery Shawl - Ends
Ugh. You'd think by now I would have made my peace with the concept of weaving in ends on knitting projects. No, I haven't.

I've dedicated this entire weekend to weaving in all the ends for the Mystery shawl. It may not look like a lot to some of you but for someone who dislikes this part of the knitting process, this is a ton! If I was smart I would have woven in the ends as I went along, instead of telling myself that I would do them later. Well, now it's later and I still haven't done jack about them.

So excuse me if I disappear for a while. If you don't hear from me by the end of the week, it's cause I died from having to weave in a million ends! Blah!


  1. umm... if I ever win the lottery I literally plan on hiring someone to weave in all my ends. I have a blanket that I finished over a year ago that I use regularly that I still haven't woven then ends in on. I think we should have an evening where all us avoiders get together, have some wine and treats, and weave in our ends :)

  2. Wear it on Monday night so I can see!!! :D

  3. Nat:
    I'm SO down for that kind of party!! I wish I lived in a huge place, that way we can also have a block party and make ourselves block the projects that we have finished ages ago! I'm so bad for that too. ;)

    I'll try...we'll see if I can get this bad boy blocked first!

  4. I hate these ends too - not a big fan of the intarsia. I am ignoring most of my ends until I'm finally finished!


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