Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day of Labour

Dallas Road Shoreline
This past weekend was the Labour Day long weekend here in Canada. In my household it was another busy weekend that somehow felt lazy and relaxing at the same time. For the first time in months (seriously, it's been a really long time) I had the Sunday off. It's super rare for Brett and I to have a day off at the same time, so we really had no idea what to do with the day. At first we were going to head to the water park with the Munchkin but at the last second changed our minds and decided to go to Elk Lake instead. Neither of us had even been to the beach all summer, this would be our last chance for the season. Crazy, right? We've never been to Elk Lake before and was pleasantly surprised to find it not so full of people. The water was a little on the cool side, but after a few minutes was absolutely divine. The Munchkin LOVED the water and spent the entire 4 hours that we were there in the lake! The only time he came out of the water was to eat a snack and to drag either me or Brett back into the water. When it wasn't my turn to splash around with the Munchkin I held down the fort and managed to knit a few rows on a project. Sadly, that was the only time I got to touch my knitting all weekend!
Elk Lake was so much fun that we are making this our go-to spot when we want to head to the beach.

Labour Day was nothing special. I worked my third to last shift, while Brett cleaned the house. The rest of the day was spent running around and doing errands like our weekly grocery shop and the like. Yeah, not really blogging material.

Dallas Road Beach Solo

To make up for it we spent all day yesterday out of the house (after I finished my second to last shift at work). The Munchkin had a day-long play-date over and so we filled the day with playground fun, a long walk that involved a special "treat" (for the Munchkin, that's a kid's apple juice from Starbucks...hey, if he doesn't know what candy is, he'll never ask/beg for it, right?), and another favourite place for us to stop at: the waterfront along Dallas Road. We explored the shore, climbed rocks, examined drift wood and fallen trees, threw endless amounts of rocks into the water, and stopped only once for a quick snack.

Dallas Road Beach

During the mini break I managed to finish planning out our September meal plan and did some sketching for future projects that I'm really hoping I'll get around to doing soon. We'll see. I highly doubt it though. I was hoping to get in some sewing time this weekend but was enjoying family time so much that I had completely forgotten all about sewing. How crazy is that??

Fingers crossed that I'll be able to get some major knitting and sewing done this week (I only have one bag left in the shop)...before I go crazy from not doing anything crafty! But for now, time to catch up on emails, messages, and orders.

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and will have a glorious week coming up! Peace out, yo! (That's me being a dork).

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