Thursday, September 22, 2011

Block Party

Blocking Georgia
After writing this post I gave it some thought and then decided to dedicate the rest of the week and weekend (and probably most of next week) to doing nothing but blocking all my FOs that desperately need to be blocked before I can officially call them completed. My place is super small and I don't have a spare room in which I can leave a blocking piece of knitting full of pins and possibly blocking wires in so that the Munchkin won't stumble upon it. But ever since Brett and I did that major purge (which I think is still on-going...I'm determined to get rid of the massive entertainment center and old skool TV, but I digress...), the living room has opened up quite a bit and I think I'll be able to use the area behind the couch as a no-touch blocking spot!

Yesterday I managed to block the Mystery Shawl and was quite surprised to discover that it dried within a day. I was also surprised as to how big it grew and how many mats I needed to pin it out (it took three). My plan is to leave the blocking item on the mats in the living room and when the Munchkin is awake I can shove the mats under the couch without having to move the knitted item. When the Munchkin is sleeping I'll take the mats out, forewarn Brett to watch where he's walking, and let the blocking continue to air dry. Brilliant, no?


I still have four things that need to be blocked, and I have a feeling that two of those things will need at least 2-3 days to dry completely. Oh well, if my plan works out I have nothing to worry about . Who knows, maybe this will make me block my knitting as soon as I finish them? I'd be down for that!

Stay tuned for next week...I have a feeling that an FO parade is going to happen!

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