Friday, July 8, 2011

WIP: Tahitian Tea Leaves

WIP: Tahitian Tea Leaves
I have a confession: I had actually started this back in March when I went to the Okanagan for my MIL's birthday/retirement party. I didn't think I would get around to starting it since I had other projects with me. I guess I did a lot of knitting while I was there, cause I had burned through the 2 balls I had brought with me on the drive back to the island which got me as far as the yoke section.

Fast forward to now. I decided to bring this with me to the Kootenays cause it's an easy knit and I don't have to pre-wind any skeins of yarn. Knowing that I had gone through 2 balls of yarn on a 4 hour drive last time, I decided to bring the rest of the bag with me. So glad I did! Before we even left the lower mainland I had already separated the sleeves from the body and was onto the fourth ball of yarn for the body. The only complex part (if you can even call it that) of this entire cardigan was the yoke, the rest is knit back and forth in plain stockinette with only 1 set of increases under the armpits. The recipe for the perfect mindless knitting when you've got to deal with two toddlers in the back seat and are having to constantly put down the needles so that you can hand over sippy cups and snacks, and to retreive soothers, "Buppy", trucks, and Cheerios containers (without getting car sick yourself from all the turning around that you have to do!).

I didn't have much knitting time once I was in Nelson, as I was passing out pretty early in the evening from sheer exhaustion. I did manage to bind off the body and start a sleeve when I had that alone time. During the ride back to the coast I worked on the one sleeve and that's where I got stuck. I got bored halfway through the drive and decided to work on another project. *sigh* Sleeves. They get me every time. I was really hoping that I would have this done by the time I got back to Victoria, but those elusive sleeves are such a time suck. I keep knitting and knitting and in Magic Loop too, and still don't get anywhere! And that's where I am today. Still on that one sleeve. I just need to power through these sleeves and all I have left to do is pick up stitches for the button bands, and then finito!

But first...those sleeves. *sigh*

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