Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Baby Shower
Two types of showers happened over the weekend, the first type being a baby shower! My lovely blogless friend and fellow knitter Natalie (hi Nat!) is patiently (or impatiently? Any feelings on that one Natalie?) waiting for her son to arrive early next month. So my knitting group had a baby shower for her, hosted by fellow Bitchy Bee Ursa (hi Ursa!). The afternoon was filled with great company, yummy food, delectable treats (uh, can you say chocolate zucchini cake and homemade turtles?? Swoon!), and knitting, of course!! Natalie's baby was definitely spoiled with a lot of knitted garments, a stunning Umaro blanket, and an equally beautiful quilted crib blanket. What a lucky baby!

The other type of shower was of the rainy variety. Yeah...not so much fun. Unless you are Brett:

Raining Brett
Who thought the torrential downpours were awesome. And sometimes they are. Just not for an entire weekend in the middle of July. If I hadn't taken that photo myself, I would've thought it was taken in the fall. This is how summer has been so far for us West Coasters.

I wish I could say that a lot of knitting has been happening during this crummy weather, with it being cooler out and all, but I'm really not a fan of taking the Munchkin to the park or the playground when it's wet out, and so I've been spending all my time trying to entertain the kidlet that doesn't involve watching TV. By the end of the day I'm so incredibly exhausted that I've been falling asleep either on the couch or at the computer desk by 9pm! But don't worry, I do have a few FOs to share later on in the week!

In the meantime, I've got dishes calling my name. I hope y'all are having more fun than me!!


  1. yay - love it! that shower was so much fun and I felt so spoiled! I don't think this kidlet knows how many honorary aunties he has waiting for him :)

  2. Yay! I'm so glad that you did! I had such a wonderful time! Just hope that we can all make it to beer knitting!! :)


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