Friday, July 29, 2011

More Colours

Fuschia - Lavendel - Admiral
First off, I just want to thank everyone who left comments and sent me messages about their thoughts on my colour combo possibilities from this post. A lot of people were digging the combo that you see above. It seems that not many of you were into the autumnal colours that I had further down the post, and no one liked the green combo at all. I have to admit, that one was my absolute least favourite but thought I would throw it in there, thinking that maybe it would grow on me. I'm not sure why I bothered with anything that didn't involve pink, cause seriously, that's all I can envision for this mystery shawl KAL. So that's why I'm still not sure if the above colour combo is for me. It's just...not pink enough.

Now, earlier this week I got some awesome packages in the post. Yummy yarny packages, to be exact. So with some of the new skeins I came up with even more colour combos and I got to see what one of my dream combos would look like:

Maus Jung - Maus Alt - Fuchsia

Oh yeah baby!! That you see there is Wollmeise in Maus Jung, Maus Alt, and Fuchsia. I had mentioned it in this post that my ideal combo would be black, grey, hot pink. Now the Maus Alt isn't exactly black, but it sure is dark. It would obviously be my anchor colour. Yet seeing them together I'm still not so sure. I know, I'm freakin' crazy!! What will it take to satisfy me? It's not like this is going to be the last shawl I'll ever knit. With that said, I went ahead and managed to trade for a skein of Schwarz (Wollmeise in black) to replace the Maus Alt. But I have a feeling that it's not going to arrive in time.

So I came up with some more pink colour options that also make me quite happy:

#2 - Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Lite in Cherry, Posy, and Tern. This last colour would be the anchor. I think the Tern really makes the other two colours pop more.
TML - Cherry Posy Tern

#3 - Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Lite in Cherry, Posy, and Gossamer. I think this lighter shade of grey mellows out the pinks a bit, compared to the darker grey.
TML - Cherry Posy Gossamer

I know these three new options don't really look all that much different to one another (according to Brett I'm just switching the skeins around "card trick styles" in order to confuse him), but for some reason I still can't make up my mind! Again, what do you guys think? At least this time you only have 3 photos to look at and choose from! Please, help me decide!!


  1. I like the 2nd photo with the two greys and the pink. I think that would look awesome!

  2. i love the maus jung, maus alt, and fuchsia combo... what about using fushia as the anchor colour?

  3. Ohh, I love the second color combination! The two pinks are nicely balanced by the darker grey. Plus I love pink, so I have to vote for one of the pink-heavy combos.


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